Usui Reiki Workshops

Reiki is a energy healing technique for finding your balance, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. It helps channel the universal life force (Reiki) through your hands to help balance your mind, body & energy. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.

Usui Reiki Level 1

A fantastic course for those interested in self-healing and personal empowerment.

Reiki 1 is the foundation course for activating the Reiki flow in your hands. This course is ideal for anyone wanting to increase their vitality and energy and reduce stress. Reiki is so easy to use that it is ideal for lay people who are not familiar with natural health and methods of healing as it provides an excellent foundation for exploring other types of modalities. The workshop is very experiential with exercises, practice and sharing of techniques and ideas.

The traditional Usui Reiki method requires no belief, religious bias or spiritual background. Our approach is grounded and thorough and there is plenty of time to ask questions and explore Reiki for yourself.

During the workshop we will explore the Reiki phenomenon and energy, healing, disease, and our internal energy systems. The workshop also has plenty of interactive sessions to practice giving Reiki treatments to get you comfortable with your new found skill.

Anyone can activate Reiki in their hands and after the course your Reiki is accessible to you for life. This is a very interactive and relaxing course. The workshop itself is a great healing experience and a wonderful way to take your health to the next level!

Workshop Content:
• Introduction to Energy and Healing
• Usui Reiki history and background
• 4 Reiki Attunements
• Balancing technique for the Chakra Energy system
• Full body healing treatment
• First aid treatment
• Giving others a Reiki treatment
• Giving Reiki to animals and plants
• Intuitive Healing treatment

Workshop Fees: $450

Workshop duration:
Weekend workshops, Saturday and Sundays 10am-5pm
Weekday workshops, 3 half days, 9:30am-1:30pm

You can join us for a free Reiki introductory talk and group healing if you want to experience Reiki for yourself. Click here for more details.

Ready to sign up for the USUI Reiki 1 workshop? Click here for the workshop schedule.

If you are looking for more information or schedule for Reiki for Children, Click Here.

Usui Reiki Level 2

Reiki Level 2 deepens your Reiki journey by enabling you to tap into Reiki symbols and learn the art of directing Reiki energy. During the Level 2 workshop, a second degree attunement is given and 3 symbols are taught. The practitioner is able to use the tools to enhance their Reiki flow, and to develop alternative uses of the Reiki energy.

• The Empowerment symbol – increases Reiki flow as though ‘funnelling’ the energy to maximise flow rate and power. Also empowers other energy fields.
• The Harmony symbol – allows Reiki to be ‘wrapped’ around other energy fields and environments to increase harmony eg. harmonising homes, other people, incidents, for improved energy vibrations. The symbol is also used to increase communicative powers, and intuition.
• The Sending symbol – like an IDD number, this symbol allows Reiki to be sent to different energy fields whether they be other locations (both geographical or time), other energy incidents, internal blocks or emotional energy systems etc. This is a very powerful source of personal growth as the practitioner can directly tune into issues and fix them on the causal plane.

1. You must have done Reiki level 1 with a Reiki Centre trained Reiki Master.
2. You must have completed Level 1 at least two months previously.

Reiki Level 2 is taken at least 2 months after Level 1 so that you have enough time to practice Reiki and ensure your energy is high. Unlike Usui Level 1, the progressive workshops require the use of your own mental energy and as a result can be draining for those who have not been using their Reiki for self-healing.

Students from other teachers (Lineage Usui/Hayashi/Takata)
If you have done Level 1 with a Reiki Centre trained teacher, you are most welcome to continue your Reiki education with us. Since the philosophy and teaching guidance is similar, you can start from Level 2 itself.

If you have done Reiki 1 with a non-reiki centre trained teacher, you can join us for Level 2 but with some pre-work!

Different Reiki teachers or schools have different styles and also teach different techniques and philosophies, even if it’s from the same lineage. To help prepare you for the class we recommend you join us for our regular Reiki shares so we can chat a bit more about your experience and you can experience our space, philosophies to see if there’s a resonance. Post that, you are welcome to sit in the Level 2 class.

Students from other Lineages (USUI) or other Reiki Traditions

If you are switching from a different system of Reiki, or have been trained in a lineage that is not Usui/Hayashi/Takata please note you need to begin at Level 1.

Any student from a different Reiki teacher is welcome to contact Pooja @ 97276181 or at if they would like to be considered for Reiki 2 Workshop.

Workshop Fees: $510

Workshop duration:
Weekend workshops, Saturday and Sundays 10am-5pm
Weekday workshop, 3 half days, 9:30am-1:30pm

You can join us for a free Reiki introductory talk and group healing. if you want to experience Reiki for yourself. Click here for more details.

Ready to sign up for the USUI Reiki 2 workshop? Click here for the workshop schedule.

If you are looking for more information or schedule for Reiki for Children Click Here.

Usui Reiki Level 3

Usui Reiki Level 3 is one of the most transformational class you can take. It is designed specifically for those who may not want to teach Reiki, but who are interested enough to take Reiki to its final level, ie learning how to do an attunement, and to receive the Master’s symbol.

The Master’s symbol is also known as the symbol for transformation and is a very powerful tool for personal growth. Most people experience huge shifts of consciousness after the class. It allows you to truly step into the mysteries of Reiki, and although it may not necessarily explain the attunement to you, it will certainly give you an incredible experience of it. Essentially it is about letting go, trusting, and most importantly, self-belief.

As well as preparing you for the rest of the Master training, this module works on raising your energy vibration, understanding your own power through developing your intuition, as well as becoming familiar with the attunement process and how to best utilize the Master’s symbol. This is an ideal workshop for those wishing to advance their Reiki learning but who are not planning to teach Reiki at this point.

Workshop covers:
• Master’s symbol and uses
• Heart attunement
• Minor chakra attunement
• Using the Master’s symbol in sending and healing
• Professional Healing and moving into Master energy

1. You must have done Reiki level 2 with a Reiki Centre trained Reiki Master.
2. You must have completed Level 2 at least six months previously.
3. You must have completed the Homework.

Please note Reiki Level 3 is about transformation – it can be extremely challenging for those who have not mastered the Reiki Level 2 techniques. The homework is specifically designed to help you get ready, please do not underestimate the energy shift at this level.

Students from other teachers (Lineage Usui/Hayashi/Takata)
For the Level 3/Masters training you need to have a strong alignment and foundation with the lineage of Reiki we teach at ReDefine Wellness. You need to resit level 1 & 2 before you can be eligible for Level 3. If you have your Level 1 and 2 Certificates, you are entitled to a 25% discount for the classes.

Students from other Lineages (USUI) or other Reiki Traditions

If you are switching from a different system of Reiki, or have been trained in a lineage that is not Usui/Hayashi/Takata please note you need to begin at Level 1.

Any student from a different Reiki teacher is welcome to contact Pooja @ 97276181 or at if they would like to be considered for Reiki 3 Workshop.

Workshop Fees: $780

Workshop duration:
Weekend workshops, Friday, Saturday and Sundays 10am-4pm
Weekday workshop, Tuesday, wednesday, Thursday, 10am-4pm

You can join us for a free Reiki introductory talk and group healing if you want to experience Reiki for yourself. Click here for more details.

Ready to sign up for the USUI Reiki 3 workshop? Click here for the workshop schedule.

If you are looking for more information or schedule for Reiki for Children, Click Here.

Reiki Master Teacher Training

Reiki Master’s Teacher training is an enormous personal commitment, both in terms of the actual deepening of your knowledge of Reiki, but also as a pathway to personal growth.  Most people find Master’s training immensely rewarding but few complete the training without facing some challenges. You need to be prepared to be open minded, committed, and willing to spend the time required for your growth.  Reiki Master training is open to students who have done Reiki Level 3 with Redefine Wellness or any Reiki Center Teacher.

Please note that Master’s training is not automatic on completion of all previous levels and we reserve the right to decline training you if we feel you are not ready.

The training is comprised of three workshops at the beginning, middle and the end of the process with regular assignments and homework due in between.  The entire process is designed to take 6 months but can take longer depending on your individual journey.

Master Teacher Training Objectives

This training is specifically designed to help you be a competent Reiki Master Teacher. It is focused on Reiki knowledge, deep personal understanding, presentation skills, and marketing skills as outlined below :

  1. Reiki knowledge – each module covers different topics normally covered in a Reiki 1 , 2 and 3 classes and are designed to encourage you to research and formulate your teaching material.
  1. Personal understanding – The training helps you develop your own ‘Reiki’ point of view and will often push, prod and ask difficult questions.  Your understanding or philosophy on Reiki does not have to be the similar to your teachers, but it needs to be plausible, coherent and clear.
  1. Presentation skills – the audio assignments and group workshops allows you to hone your presentation skills and get used to presenting the material to an audience.  Allowing your authentic self to shine is a key here.
  1. Marketing skills – once you complete your training you will be independent and will need to develop your marketing materials and strategy.  Much of developing as a Master Teacher is trial and error, but certain key tips will hopefully shortcut the process for you.

Master Teacher Training  Process

There are three gatherings you need to attend to learn the attunements and discuss the assignments. The gatherings are also important transmissions of Reiki energy as well as helping you to bond as a peer group of Teachers.

  1. The Level 1 Workshop: We gather at the beginning to learn the Level 1 attunements as well as to align our energies for the Master process. This workshop also allows us to discuss in more detail the homework and assignments as well as answer any teaching questions.
  1. The Level 2 Workshop: We gather to check-in during the middle of the process and to learn the Level 2 attunements. We also discuss the art of offering Reiki professionally and how we can build our energy and momentum to attract more study.
  2. The Level 3 & Ceremony Workshop: This is the closing ceremony. The Master’s attunement is taught and the Master Ceremony is carried out signifying your completion to Reiki Master Teacher.  You need to have completed all the homework and assignments to attend.
  1. Self-study(in-between): In between our gatherings there are assignments to be done over 5-6 months of self-study and discovery.  This includes a range of personal journalism, audio talks, case studies and practicals. This is a very intense period of personal growth and stepping into your power as a Reiki Master.

Self-Study topics

Each topic focuses on a different area of teaching Reiki, summarized below.

  1. Reiki Level 1. Homework includes presenting Reiki to others and designing your own Reiki manual.  You will need to do a 21 day period of one hour self-treatments.
  1. Reiki Level 2. We explore more deeply the many tools and how to teach the symbols effectively. Homework at this level includes various audio presentations of the material and developing case studies.
  1. Stepping into Master Energy. We focus on building a Reiki practice and preparing you for what lies ahead. To be effective as a teacher you must be able to attract students and this takes both business acumen and personal attraction.

Note: Your Certification is on condition of completion of all workshops and assignments/homework. There is no time restraint on this and you can take as long as you wish to complete your studies, however if you do not complete all assignments in time for the gathering intended for your year your graduation may be delayed.

When you graduate you will receive a Reiki Master Teacher Certificate that entitles you to teach all levels of Reiki including Masters.

Any student from a different Reiki teacher is welcome to contact Pooja @ 97276181 or at if they would like to be considered for Reiki Master training.  

Workshop Fees : $2300

These fees are non-refundable.  Payment plans are available on request.

Each Workshop duration :

  • Three days, 10.00am- 4.00pm

You can join us for a free Reiki introductory talk and group healing if you want to experience Reiki for yourself. Click here for more details.

Ready to sign up for the Reiki 3 workshop? Click here for the workshop schedule.


My awesome experience with Reiki did not begin immediately – it took me a while after i began practicing. Like with most sustainable practices, it has slowly become part of my life – with amazing changes, all for the better, which i had not dreamed of. My thanks to the patient and very knowledgeable teachers. God bless.


My decision to learn The Silva Method and Reiki with Pooja were the two most vital choices I made in my life – they have immeasurably changed me and the way I live. I’m a regular practitioner of the Silva Method and Reiki and I have seen not just myself and my life but also my course-mates’ evolve beautifully. Pooja’s training / teaching styles are fantastic and she as a person is empathetic, patient and so much fun! The best part about taking these courses at ReDefine Wellness is the ‘after sales support’ that she extends! Highly recommend.


I’ve completed my Reiki 3 course with Pooja and what an amazing journey it has been. I’m so grateful that she’s shared her gift and enabled me to have the healing and purpose I needed. Her space is filled with so much love and it simple feels like home. Love it!


I had been introduced to Reiki for the first time through Pooja. I must say it was a very calming, very effective introduction. Well explained and Pooja’s presence was felt. She was really there with you to listen, interact, answers whatever question you may have regarding Reiki. So patient and so pleasant to talk to. Considering attending more sessions about Reiki through ReDefine Wellness


Attended Reiki workshops here 2 years ago and recently. Pooja is highly recommended to learn from. Thank you for changing my life.


A great 3-day Reiki 1 workshop with Pooja. Thank you for enlightening me with your teachings 🙏


I was introduced to Pooja through a friend and I have since been to a few workshops and sessions with her. Pooja is very passionate about what she does and that transmits through the way her sessions and classes are conducted. I have done Reiki workshops with her and would strongly recommend anyone who is looking to pursue this path to take it up. Pooja conducts her classes in a way that may seem effortless but yet your takeaway is bountiful. Her therapy sessions made a big impact in my life. She is a professional who doesn’t judge and is excellent at listening and getting down to core issues in a very comfortable way. Like most of us, I was apprehensive about seeking help but she made it all easy and comfortable. I would strongly recommend anyone who is seeking an alternative method to have a better life to go to Pooja without a doubt.


I absolutely love doing workshops with Pooja. There’s a calm in her and her space which makes me feel at ease and calm. I think she should continue on this journey to bring calm and a sense of well being to others. Stay blessed Pooja and Redefine Wellness


I have recently attended Pooja’s Reiki Level 1Workshop and it was simply amazing! I had a few brushes with reiki in the past but no one was able to explain it to me in a way that I can understand it. Pooja’s approach was scientific, logical and made perfect sense to a layman like me. She made the concepts so simple that I was able to grasp the beauty, power and grandeur of reiki. ReDefine Wellness is definitely a place for people who want to heal and take full charge of their mind, body and spirit. Pooja is an amazing teacher with wide and deep secular and spiritual knowledge, tried and tested tools and highly honed skills to impart to people eager to heal and learn how to better take care of themselves. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


“A yoga teacher’s observation that I was inexplicably inflexible was what brought me to try Reiki with Pooja. Since then, having benefited from Pooja’s holistic therapeutic approach, many previous hangups and red-button challenges such as common workplace scenarios are now a walk in the park. Highly recommended!”


I started my reiki journey with Pooja in 2014 October. And since then it’s been a amazing road for me with Pooja as my guiding light! I have only gone from strength to strength and Reiki has improved and impacted all areas of my life


I first came across Reiki reading something in the internet. It sounded all very interesting, but I was very sceptic how this thing should work, until I was referred by a friend to a Reiki Introducing Talk with Pooja. Pooja explained a lot of interesting details and answered patiently all questions so that everyone in the group got a very clear picture about what Reiki is and how it works. What finally convinced me was the hands-on exercise following the talk that finally convinced me that Reiki is really working: all attendants received a heart attunement which provided us temporarily Reiki, after which we gave each other Reiki. It made me feel like something was filling my body, it felt warm and energetic and relaxed, something I never experienced before. I signed up with Reiki 1 and later attended also a Reiki 2 class and it were both wonderful experiences. Pooja’s teaching was very informative, detailed and clear with lots of space for discussions and of course exercises. Reiki soothes, calms down and provides me with an energy boost when being tired and exhausted and I believe it supports me improving my health. As well, I am happy to hear to have relaxed others whom I gave Reiki, sometimes various ailments the receivers had before the session improved or disappeared. The monthly Reiki shares at Redefine Wellness are always informative and give so much energy. I am glad I have learnt Reiki from Pooja.


Reiki 3 was a fantastic experience for me personally. It helped provide a sense of completeness and has set in motion many new adventures in my life. The class included just one other member from my cohort of R1 and R2 and was perfect, as we could share intimate details and carry over the experiences from the previous Reiki workshops. Pooja’s style was thorough and assured, and provided plenty of time for discussion so as to bed in the new energetic shift, symbols and applications.  The regular practice prior to taking the class were immensely helpful in being able to manage the shift that R3 brought about. I have fallen in love with Reiki all over again after the R3 experience.  And doing it all the way with Pooja was the best way to do it as I felt her comfort with teaching has kept pace with my evolution with Reiki. Would highly recommend Pooja and Reiki to anyone looking for long term sustainable change in their lives


Thank you for the gift of energy Pooja! I really enjoyed the course, it felt very personal and a beautiful safe environment. Reiki course 1 and 2, took me to a place of deep peace, harmony and inner sanctuary within myself. I deeply value your warmth, intuition and friendship that I saw in you, even when we first met, and I knew you were the right Reiki teacher for me. I’ve used Reiki on myself, and my family including kids. They seem to really enjoy it. Whenever my daughter hurts herself, she immediately says ‘Hey mummy, can you please give me some energy to make it better!’. Moving forward, I plan to continue to practice it, heal from it and use it to create clarity and wellness in life.


I had been an observer of the Reiki method and a believer in its potential to heal for a few years now. But perhaps not ready for atonement until I met Pooja. Reiki appeared in my life by serendipity and is now an integral part of my outlook to things. I feel Pooja was the right introduce to Reiki for me. I cannot even enumerate the benefits of a Reiki atonement because there is too much to talk about. Reiki is indeed life changing and life nurturing. I must say that I found resonance in Pooja’s thinking and deeply appreciate her approach to teaching Reiki. I am looking forward to Reiki II with her soon this year.


I completed the Reiki 1 workshop with Pooja recently. I found her intelligent, well informed, articulate and genuinely passionate about her subject. The workshop itself was eye opening and deeply moving. The concept of universal energy and it’s interaction with your own body was at once intriguing, invigorating and deeply satisfying. I would highly recommend this experience.


The Reiki course with Pooja was an intense and profound experience for me. Pooja’s ability to communicate conversationally and put everyone at ease helped maximize the takeaways from the training. Personally, I have found it to be calming, therapeutic and my entire being feels energized.


The 1st level Reiki learning session with Pooja Arora was transformation. It created immense self-awareness. I feel it enables one to achieve a higher level of clarity of thought, speech and action. It feels as if the ‘gears’ inside me have been re-energized to elevate my engagement with life.


What I like about Pooja is that she makes no assumptions about the person, hence she has the ability to put you at ease immediately. She also recognizes that every individual has their own path to follow and provides the right amount of expertise, guidance and support. Apart from all her knowledge in the field of holistic healing, she is just a really nice person! I would recommend her with my eyes closed. Wishing her the very best in all her endeavors.

We look forward to seeing you for one of the classes or workshops soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us .

Venue for all classes & workshops : ReDefine Wellness, 333B Beach Road. Level 3, SG 199563

Usui Reiki Free Talk and Healing Meditation

Date Time Register

The dates are subject to changes pending on the COVID situation

Upcoming Reiki Share & Group Healing Schedule (For Practitioners Only)

There’s a $10 donation to cover costs. RSVP to reserve your place. We look forward to seeing you.

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20th October Tuesday,  7.30pm to 9.30pm Click here to Register

Reiki 2 Workshops

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12th, 13th & 14th October 2020 Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday @ 9.30am to 1.30pm Click here to register

Reiki Master Teacher

Date Time Register
Module 1 3rd & 4th October, 10am – 5pm Click here to Register
Module 2 30th & 31st Jan 2021, 10am – 5pm Click here to Register
Module 3 24th & 25th April 2021, 10am – 5pm Click here to Register

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