Featured Guest Speakers

Dr. Peter Mack

Dr. Peter Mack is a surgeon who has been working in a public hospital for the past forty years. Added to his medical specialist qualifications are degrees in other fields including  PhD in Medical Science, MBA, Master in Health Economics and a Master in Medical Education. Over and above his medical practice, he has a passion for wellness and holistic healing. He is a certified Hypnotherapist and is trained in Regression Therapy. He has published four books on healing: Healing Deep Hurt Within, Life-Changing Moments in Inner Healing, Inner Healing Journey, and Mirrors of the Mind. He has been delivering talks and seminars on hypnosis, regression therapy and mindfulness both locally and abroad in recent years. Read about his contribution to wellness on his website, http://www.petermack.sg

Dr Peter Mack is leading 2 free talk on Demystifying Past Life Regression and a full day workshop on Introduction to Past Life Regression Therapy.


Ever wondered about your past life? Have repeating patterns or behaviors or emotions which you can’t seem to get over?

This talk will demystify what is past life regression therapy and how do we access our subconscious thoughts and emotions during the process. Past life regression therapy can be a highly trans-formative and empowering process. It can give us valuable insights into our past, present, and future lives or it can be for those who are simply curious. The knowledge of how we lived before can help us overcome present obstacles, understand and overcome phobias, fear and habits and resolve relationship issues.

Interested? Curious? Come attend this FREE talk to get more information about Past Life Regression Therapy.


If you have been curious about how past life regression therapy works and wanted a taste of it… here’s a good opportunity to experience it …

Have you sometimes felt that you have some repeating patterns in your life – things that you would like to change but can’t seem to? Looking for success, happiness or balance but that seems elusive? These may be due to deep emotional blockages in your subconscious mind resulting in life patterns that don’t serve you. Also, it is increasingly recognized that many psycho-emotional issues underlie medical illnesses in today’s environment. Healing in such situations does not necessarily involve psychiatric intervention or the use of psychotropic medication. Rather, it requires a release of emotional blockages and results in a state of emotional freedom which in turn allows the individual to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. It does not replace conventional medicine but complements it.

However, healing by integrating the body, mind and spirit requires an access to the subconscious mind because the emotional blockages often have their roots in hurtful events and memories in an earlier part of their life. At the core of this workshop is the use of the art of hypnotherapy and regression approach to access the deep subconscious for healing. This workshop provides not only an understanding of the therapeutic techniques but also allows participants to experience the regression process to get them started on their healing journey. Come join us for this one day experience to begin healing the deep hurt within!

Join us in this workshop to :

– Experience a deeper understanding of how your life patterns form
– Explore and release emotional blockages that don’t serve you
– Experience the healing power of your subconscious through hypnotic regression
– Develop your own personal healing plan to live a life of your design