At ReDefine Wellness We provide personalized therapy, regular yoga and meditation classes, personal development workshops and therapist certification courses. These are designed to meet individual and corporate needs! Our Services

Balance your energies, heal your emotions and manage your mind.

Transform your life by healing your emotions and reprogramming behaviour patterns.

Customized programs for stress management, increased productivity and performance.

Become an internationally certified Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist, Reiki Teacher or Sound Healer.

Health is a state of body

Wellness is a state of being

We are an academy of Holistic and Integrative Wellness dedicated to providing holistic programs in wellness and personal growth that empowers you to realize and maximize your fullest potential!

We believe that the energy, mind and the body are one holistic system and to be `well’ we need to treat them as one. Each of our programs has a different entry point, but the end goal for all is to achieve the perfect balance between mind, body and energy for a state of blissful well-being.

Our Yoga & Meditation Classes

Attend these weekly classes to rejuvenate your mind and reinvigorate your energies. Classes available in morning, afternoon and evening.

Some of our Corporate Wellness Clients

Our Workshops

These personal development workshops help you to balance your energies, heal your emotions and take charge of your thoughts and mind. They help you discover your inner healing abilities and allow you to find peace, balance and joy!

Trained and Certified by these associations

Health is a state of body

About ReDefine Wellness

ReDefine Wellness is a multi-award-winning holistic and integrative wellness practice in Singapore that offers a safe and nurturing space for individuals to explore, rediscover and heal themselves. With a combined 30 years of experience between them, ReDefine Wellness is led by practitioners Pooja Arora and Shirley Tay, who take a personalised and compassionate approach to each client and student’s needs. The centre offers therapies and workshops such as Hypnotherapy, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Reiki, Inner Child Healing, Silva Method, Past Life Regression Therapy, Transpersonal Regression Therapy, Crystal Healing and more. Read More

Transform your life by healing your emotions and reprogramming behaviour patterns that don’t work for you anymore. Rediscover your life’s direction and purpose.
These therapies are personalized for your needs. We offer a variety of different therapeutic modalities, which we choose and adapt to suit what you uniquely need. You can read about each individual modality below.

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What people say about us
  • I am so grateful to have met Pooja, Not only she is my Reiki teacher, she has helped my son with behavioural issues on energy scanning and healing. I took her advice to eliminate certain food from his diet, his behaviours have improved and I am amazed he even had outgrown his nasal allergy which he has been suffering since he was a baby. Being a mother, this is one of my greatest joys, I am also a firm believer in alternative medicines now.

    Dealing with child’s behavioral issues and allergies
  • I took one to one healing session with Pooja for inner child therapy starting since this February 2020, and by June, I become like a new person now. This healing journey have been tough and I always felt like I would even get better ever again. Along the way, Pooja kept assuring me to trust the process and here I am in June, seeing life with different views and grateful for this journey. All those years of dwelling on loneliness and sadness are just gone and regained my self-love, power back. I now feel like it was the best decision that I ever made to have coaching sessions with Pooja. I can’t be thankful enough. Thank you Pooja and all Redefine Wellness team.

    Ei Myitzu
    Dealing with loneliness and sadness
  • I was taken to the Urology Department of the hospital. The head physician examined me with his cystoscope and told me that my disease was so severe, that even with the best drugs it will take several months until I will be OK. He sent me home, and told me to go to my regular doctor, who will prescribe the drug that he recommends in his medical letter. He told me to go back to him to the hospital after 2 weeks for a checkup. Read More

    Mrs. L. Almasi
    Silva Ultra for Holistic Healing
  • I approached Pooja few months back when I was having tough times in my job. While I thought I was having overwhelming pressure at work, it actually turned out it was just the tip of the iceberg! During the therapy other issues came out, even things that dated back 30 years ago and that my mind “strategically” removed from my memories. Thanks to Pooja I managed to reborn as a better person: I am more calm and relaxed now, more focused when under pressure and overall a much more positive person!

    Managing Corporate Work Stress & Performance
  • Redefine Wellness is truly a sanctuary that exudes peace and tranquillity. I’ve had the pleasure of attending meditation sessions with Shirley and have also done the Silva and Reiki workshops with Pooja. Both of them are truly masters of their respective fields – and help create an immersive and supportive environment to drive personal growth. Wholeheartedly recommend this place.

    Priya Sharma
  • Pooja is able to draw upon a rich variety of experience, expertise and healing techniques – both modern and traditional – in her work. She is generous with herself and her knowledge. The sessions I had were interesting, illuminating and healing. Even when things got tough, I knew I was in good hands. Thanks again for the work we did together – I often draw upon it in my continuing journey.

    Regression Therapy and Energy Healing
  • I’m amazed with the effectiveness of the Emotional Freedom Technique after attending the workshop! Shirley explained the concept and steps in administering EFT very clearly and with the appropriate essential oils, we were able to reduce the intensity of our emotions and even unload some of our emotional baggage’s after several rounds of practice!

    SC Wang, Emotional Freedom Technique
  • An acquaintance of mine came down with a serious case of auto-immune disease. As a consequence, both of his legs became paralyzed. When he was admitted to the hospital he couldn’t move his
    body from waist down. They let him go home with the uninspiring prognosis that with 6 months of intense physical therapy he might be able to stand – with the help of a walker. Read More

    Mrs. Florian Kocsis, Szolnok
    Silva Ultra for Holistic Healing
  • I am at a loss of words to talk about Pooja and her incredible abilities to heal people. All I know is that she brings healing energies from some wondrous place. She then surprises her clients with what is possible. She sparks in people an amazing journey by which they can get in touch with parts of themselves which they never knew existed.

    Pooja is my go-to person for any kind of complex healing challenge. Her quest for healing people is remarkable, undefinable and unique. Her logic is robust and rooted in new age thinking and practice of wellness. Please experience her to understand for yourself. I have, and the results have been incredible.

    Regression Therapy and Energy Healing
  • “When a friend first suggested I meet with Pooja and mentioned she uses alternative forms of healing, I was unsure of what to expect. However,  Pooja’s calm and positive demeanor, made me instantly comfortable and open to the idea of trying an unconventional approach. I would describe my healing journey so far as an ’emotional cleanse’ where I have not only worked with Pooja on issues and challenges that I was aware of but also been exposed to deeper issues in my subconscious mind. Each session with Pooja leaves me ‘wowed’ on the new discoveries we make and leaves me feeling calm and positive. Overall, I believe I have become far more self-aware than I have ever been and I approach every new challenge and situation more aware and more mindful”

    Regression Therapy and Energy Healing
  • The inner child communication sessions I had with Pooja were amazing. The beauty of meeting a younger me full of hope for the future, to touch that innocence once again was so heart warming. I was flooded with images of the love and care I received from my parents, the joy of playing in nature and appreciating the simple things in life. There were sad moments but when the older me gave that beautiful child the hugs of reassurance and care her little heart was healed. I felt a peace within me that knew no boundaries. It flooded my being with happiness and joy. All through the process Pooja was there to guide and hold my hand with compassion and love. That connection of trust and openness is an amazing process. Thank you Pooja for this wonderful experience.

    Reigniting passion for life through Inner Child Regression Therapy
  • Pooja and Shirley both are wonderful human beings and great teachers . Me and my family have participated in multiple programs in redefine wellness and we have found it to be very fulfilling. Would strongly recommend this centre and the Teachers if you are on a lookout for personal growth or healing.

    Sowmya Subramanian
  • A wonderful place to experience and learn Kundalini Reki and Yoga!!

    Olivier Naudo
  • I have been very happy and thankful for the therapeutic teachings of Pooja and Shirley at ReDefine….

    Candice Chaignat
  • Last night, I put the programmed course manual into a leather binder and left it in the car. For the past few days, my spouse and I were  in a “cold war” situation because of something he had neglected with our friends. I was laying in bed already when it dawned on me that my girlfriend was leaving for Budapest at 5 a.m. the next morning and I needed to tell her something very important. Read More

    Judith Fabri
    Silva Ultra for Holistic Healing

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