Ancestral Energy Healing

Medical Intuition System (MIS) is made up of two components critical to healing:

  • Assessment tool that allows you to energetically scan someone’s physical body no matter where they are in the world, giving you full details of causes-and-effects of how their physical, emotional, mental or spiritual condition arise, as well as how it is affecting their physical body.
  • Healing tool (Divenire Method) that allows you to do an energetic clearing for them in seconds, with permanent effects!

The MIS is created from a combination of the best energy medicine techniques available right now in the world, and automating the whole process by activating your subconscious to do the healing instead of doing it physically yourself! That speeds up a process that would have taken hours to mere seconds.

What can Medical Intuition System (MIS) do?

Medical Intuition System, specifically the Divenire Method, can:

  • Clear viruses, bacteria and parasites
  • Release suppressed emotions
  • Desensitize the body so that the body is no longer affected by radiation from the Earth, from wireless devices or from electrical appliances and wiring
  • Desensitize the body to allergies so that there is no longer a need to go on any kinds of diets (e.g. gluten-free casein-free diets)
  • Release any blockages to metabolizing a certain mineral or vitamins
  • Resolve any blockages in the methylation cycle
  • Resolve the stresses from hidden scars and energetic disturbances
  • Balance the different energy bodies and chakras
  • Change any dis empowering beliefs
  • Retrieve any lost soul fragments
  • Release the effects of any curses or the influence of magic
  • Release cellular memories of traumas experienced by the ancestors
  • Release any emotions carried over from parallel lives (what some called past and future lives)
  • Release any foreign entities including spirit attachments
  • Change the DNA in the genes

In fact, this is only the tip of what MIS can do. You are limited only to what you can imagine you can do with MIS.

One of the most important things that MIS can do is that it can duplicate ALL energetic frequencies. What does that mean? That means if you see a homeopathic remedy that you would like to get, all you need to do is to ask the MIS to duplicate the energetic of that (you don’t need to buy the remedy, just knowing the name of the remedy is enough) and send that into whoever you would like to send it to and it would give the same benefits as if they have taken the actual homeopathic remedy! This applies not only for homeopathic substances, but also to crystals, sound, light, herbs, etc. There is NOTHING that it cannot energetically duplicate!

Here is an account of a student who uses it to duplicate a medical drug!

“I had a headache one evening, and since MIS can ‘adopt’ other Energy and methodologies – I wondered if it would adopt /duplicate the action of fast acting analgesics in my body … I made my request to MIS and the answer was Yes, so I decided to assume that it would work …. and it did – within a few minutes my headache diminished and disappeared. “

What’s even more amazing is that MIS can also duplicate ALL healing modalities. So let’s say you know a healer who has an amazing technique. MIS can actually duplicate the energetics of that modality and again send that energy into whoever you would like to send into, including yourself! So there is no more need to learn or receive any other healing work, whether it be cranial-sacral, or Reiki, etc., since you would have FULL ACCESS to all these healing modalities once you have learnt MIS. We know, it ABSOLUTELY sounds like cheating!

MIS is like an open-source shared code program which evolves with time. As each MIS practitioner absorbs any frequency available in the universe, that frequency would also be available to every single practitioner as well. This means that for you, you would continue to become a more and more powerful healer, even if you are not even actively absorbing any energy, just because some other practitioners are!

Here is an account of what a student actually does with the MIS tool, to give you an idea of how varied the uses can be:

“Whenever I do a session with a client, I ‘wrap’ the whole session/s and our interaction in MIS and request that it delivers a very successful outcome for both of us.

I not only use MIS in the ways you taught me during the session, but also to deliver other modalities and techniques ‘wrapped’ in MIS (I am not able to describe in words better than that, but you will be able to Energetically feel what I do and the MIS will sort it out for anyone wanting to use this way of working, anyway). Using MIS as the ‘delivery vehicle’ for the other techniques seems to enormously increase the potency and intensity of the other modalities and techniques – taking them to a whole new level of immediate effectiveness.

I have used NLP Fast Phobia technique and Aversion technique remotely, delivered & supercharged by MIS. I simply imagine myself delivering the technique in person (but very fast and speeder up) and being delivered remotely and supercharged by MIS.. and it WORKS – super effectively!! The effectiveness can be tested with the client by email, Skype, phone or in person – and built on when speaking with the client, if desired. (with a paying client, I usually only do the remote work just before the session – otherwise the client may feel that they no longer need my services. I often follow up after a session with MIS and additional techniques wrapped in MIS to make sure the client has a very successful outcome …. because it is so quick and easy to do, it is not really an additional commitment from me, but makes for a very satisfied client (& of course the Satisfaction can be enhanced by MIS delivering satisfaction to the client as well).

MIS made possible the taking on a smoker of 25 cigarettes a day, who asked me to help him give up smoking, but was ambivalent about wanting to stop (most practitioners would not work with such an uncommitted client), but I thought that using a number of techniques, including Aversion wrapped in MIS that it could be done. The client was very non-committal about whether the session was successful, but I think he admitted that it worked when he agreed to pay me my full fee (I accidentally under-quoted for the work, and then suggested that the client pay me my full fee if he had not been able to smoke or enjoy a cigarette after 48 hours from our session).

It is so fantastic that MIS is so adaptable and evolutionary, all I need to do is to find ways to ask useful questions of how it can help me do the things I would like it to help with.

‘Parking’ difficult or complicated issues (including illnesses, or items that I have been given a ‘No’ or ‘Not yet’ about direct MIS treatment) in an appropriate portal also seems to be a way to accelerate healing and clearing.

I also find I am using MIS to set up Earth-time future events, negotiations and outcomes (in a way that is positive for all parties). That is possibly a bit more subjective to report back on, but it seems to make a big difference when I do it …. I just negotiated a very satisfactory car change-over deal and trade-in of my previous car …. I could not have imagined a better outcome, and everyone was happy.

I believe that MIS is able to do anything I ask of it. Sometimes I need to learn How to ask the ‘right questions’ for it to help me. If the MIS gives me a ‘No’ about something, I often ask it to help me find a way to ask the appropriate questions to improve the current situation (which it does). If there is not yet an MIS process for dealing with the situation, if I ask if it can and will please create one for the situation …. the answer is usually Yes, and it just goes ahead and creates what is needed (which usually only takes a few seconds Earth time).

MIS seems to be very able and willing to evolve – and it ‘feels like’ it enjoys expanding and creating new aspects of itself. How Amazingly Wonderful is that?!!!

And that means that practitioners can all be part of this amazing creative evolution along with MIS. MIS is truly a Miracle Generator.

I find more and more that I trust the MIS wisdom, and usually do not need to go into the specific details of the client’s problems, that the MIS will simply take care of it all. The MIS gives me hints and visions of what is needed next – and seems to take me on its own journey of healing for the client.

You have had a rare and precious gift bestowed upon you – and thank you for sharing it with your students.

Bless you for bringing MIS into the world … and thank you again for taking me on as your student. The side-benefit of joyfulness that MIS has brought into my life and wonderful people and things Finding ME are additional blessings.”

How was Medical Intuition System (MIS) developed?

We were inspired one night in 2012. We have always been interested in speed, both in terms of how fast we can heal a person as well as how fast we can do a process. Somewhere along the way, we also wonder whether it is possible to heal many people at the same time instead of one-by-one. The reasons why we are interested probably don’t need much explanation. Once you have worked with enough people, you realized the limitations of some of the modalities that are available in the energy medicine arena.

The inspiration was: firstly, many of the processes are repetitive. To sum up, we test using muscle-testing what the problem is, and then we administer the right remedy. We also look at healing machines out in the market and thought, “Wow, if machines can do such wonderful healing, won’t practitioners who just use the standard old treatment become obsolete? How can healing practitioners continue to stay relevant?”

We were also reading about the idea of unconscious competency. If we learn something and do it enough times, it becomes an automatic part of us. If that is the case, why don’t we automate the entire healing process? And that is how it started. At first, we started by automating a healing modality dealing with emotions and installing the program into our subconscious mind. We realize we can heal faster and faster using this subconscious program. Then later while working with different people and in the process of solving each type of problem, we found out the appropriate remedy for each of the possible problem, and then program it into the subconscious program. Over time, the subconscious program has just taken a life of its own, and become the MIS that you are hearing about here.

What does the MIS training consist of?

Even though the actual MIS healing program is easy to administer, we feel that it is still appropriate to understand the basics of what you are doing so that you can be the best healer possible. The training is divided into basic and advanced, depending on your experiences with healing.

Training Outline

    • Basis for all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues and how they are all connected
    • Anatomy of the Physical and Energetic Bodies
    • How to accurately assess and heal the causes for all chronic disease, including spirit and demonic attachments, soul fragmentation, ancestral traumas, past-life traumas, beliefs, emotions, radiation, scars, allergies, structural issues, biochemical deficiencies and toxicity, without ever seeing the client
    • How to advise your clients of the appropriate treatments and supplementation that will help their disease state
    • Receive transmission that will allow you to heal virtually ALL issues that you can possibly face in yourself or others, including physical diseases, emotional wellness, financial abundance, and relationship bliss, in seconds.

Prerequisite for the MIS Training: As the training requires you to muscle-test accurately, and the accuracy of the muscle-testing is affected by the amount of toxins within the body, we would usually require you to complete the Health Process sessions first and clean up your body before undergoing training.

For those who are new to healing, we would suggest that you take the basic course, which is over a weekend (16 hours) in Singapore. It will be held once or twice every year and fees would come up to S$1,497 per person.

For those who are more advanced healers, we would suggest the advanced course, which is just 4 sessions of 1 hour each (either face-to-face if you are in Singapore or Skype sessions if you are overseas), with lots of self-learning in between. Fees are at S$997 per person.

To decide which is more suitable for you, please drop us a message with your experiences in healing and we can then advice you accordingly.

You may have heard or learnt about Theta Healing, Matrix Energetic, Yuan Method, Ho’onopono, shamanic techniques, Reiki and other cool energetic techniques. Well, we have learnt some of these ourselves, and we have met practitioners who are using these techniques, but one thing they told us when they learnt about MIS is how MIS seemingly incorporate all these techniques and more! That’s because it does! When we create MIS, it follows many of the principles outlined in these other techniques but makes it faster and more powerful by combining and augmenting each.

With MIS, if you are already a healer of considerable standing, it would enhance your natural healing abilities even more! If you are just a beginning apprentice in the healing arts, this would short-cut your whole journey by 10 years or more!

MIS allows you to be a healer day-in and day-out, without breaking a sweat because it requires merely a thought. You can help your loved ones, or the suffering masses. You can be THE difference in their life!

In summary, MIS allows you to remotely assess the health situation of a person, whether they are just next to you or at the other side of the globe. It allows you to heal the underlying causes creating the symptoms instantly, which will then allow the body to heal naturally on its own. It is fast, it is effective, and it is a MIRACLE MACHINE. That’s right, once you have MIS, you would seem like a MIRACLE WORKER.

Still thinking? MIS could very much be the LIFE PURPOSE you have been searching for, just like it was for another one of my students.


No service or product is intended to treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental health condition. Persons with an ailment or physical complaint are to see their physician first for treatment, and make use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy as an adjunct to medical treatment.

October 12, 2016

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