Yogic Numerology

What is Yogic Numerology ?

Yogic Numerology has its roots in ancient yogic and tantric teachings. Developed to illuminate the path, skills, and nature of a human soul, Yogic Numerology provides an effective means for us to align with our higher Self.

Yogic Numerology is derived from Tantric Numerology, which was popularized by Yogi Bhajan and used frequently in the Kundalini Yoga community.  Yogic Numerology focuses on the 10 energy systems (referred to as “bodies”) within the human being that keep us alive and in alignment with the flow of the universe.  

When an energy body is weak we see the challenging aspects of that body. When it is strong and active we see the empowering aspects of that body.  By mastering all bodies we are placing ourselves in full alignment with the Universe that will naturally align us with our highest potentials and guide us towards the best life we can live.

Each individual also has a personal “blueprint” which represents how certain energy bodies affect specific aspects of our lives.  This blueprint is our Yogic Numerology, and determined by our date of birth. Yogic Numerology is the perfect place to start mastering our energy system, because it reveals a pathway to how we connect with our highest self, find harmony in our lives, and fulfill our individual purpose in our lifetime.

The real gift of the Yogic Numerology system is its quickness, simplicity, and accuracy. It establishes an understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses and then it identifies how to improve the areas of weakness and utilize the strengths more effectively.

Discovering A Relationship with Numbers

At first we may relate primarily with our physical body, mind, and soul. However, there are many other aspects of ourselves waiting to share vital energetic information with us about how to be happy, healthy, and whole.
We each come with our own personal code that can help us unlock the mysteries deep within and transform them in to mastery. Through understanding our relationship with numbers, we can crack that code and use it to heal and balance ourselves.

Let us relate our energy systems to the strings of a musical instrument. Instruments can easily fall out of tune, even when sitting in a room without being touched. The effects of temperature change and relative humidity can cause the strings to expand or contract, slightly changing their pitch. In order to get the strings vibrating at the proper frequency, they need to be tightened or released by the musician.  By developing a relationship with yourself through the energy systems you can start to notice where and when you need to tune yourself. Next, you can combine this knowledge with your own personal numerology code to learn your strengths and weaknesses and why you may need tuning more often in one area than the other.

The Basics of Yogic Numerology

You are more than just your physical body, mind and soul.

Based on the day a person is born, Yogic Numerology recognizes 5 significant elements and the energy body associated with these elements. The elements are: Soul, Karma, Gift, Destiny and Path.

Soul Number represents how we connect with our inner guidance system. The stronger and more active our Soul Number is the more intuition, creativity, and imagination we have. A strong Soul Number is also associated with experiencing joy, inner peace, inner strength and inner identity. An individual’s Soul number represents a significant aspect of their life; it either serves to empower them or it represents the potential for inner conflict.

Karma Number represents how we bring harmony and balance to our outer world, including relationships with people, our profession, or how we see the world around us. A strong and active Karma Number is going to result in a healthy life with good relationships and a positive outlook on reality and whatever one experiences in the world.

It is essential that Soul and Karma Numbers are strong and active as they are the foundations for our Gift, Destiny and Path.

Gift Number represents our innate value to the world, what we offer others and how we help in the circumstances we are in. In order to share our Gift, our Soul and Karma numbers must be active and strong. We must also understand what our Gift is in order to accept it and we must know that we deserve it.

Destiny Number is how we are seen by others. It is essential that we are seen according to our Destiny Number, if not, then our Soul and/or Karma Numbers are inactive or weak.

Path Number represents what we must do to experience ultimate fulfillment and success in our lifetime. It doesn’t matter how successful one might seem, if we are not on our Path we are not fulfilling our purpose and we will not feel completely fulfilled.

This process of self-mastery of each body teaches you to consciously access all the parts of yourself. Through the application of Yogic Numerology and the technology of Kundalini Yoga, you have the ability to change your life.

How can numerology improve my life ?

Yogic Numerology reveals the secrets to understanding how we connect with our highest self, find harmony in our world and fulfill our life purpose.

Numerology is not an answer to all questions, nor a panacea or philosophy. It is simply a useful tool for understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses, and for working on the weaknesses and utilizing the strengths more effectively.

Know your Numbers and your Resources

Once you know your numbers and be familiar with them, you can relate to your current life experience. You will start to notice where to make adjustments in yourself and your environment to experience more harmony and flow.

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