Family Constellation

Do you find yourself in sticky relationships, personal crossroads or situations that keep you feeling stuck? You may like to explore Family Constellations.

What is Family Constellation?

Family Constellation is a powerful therapeutic method to help you recognize difficult entanglements, both in your family of origin as well as in your present family or relationship. FC reveals hidden dynamics in relationship systems, expose embedded patterns or reveal “sticky” relationships or stuck situations. It shifts people’s perception of where problems come from and suggests ways to move forward that strengthen and build.

The new perspectives allow issue holders fresh insights, a renewed sense of possibility, understandings, next steps or a shift in paradigm.

In short, a constellation seeks to move the system or individual from being stuck to movement or a focus on action.

Systemic Family Therapy was first developed by the German therapist, Bert Hellinger. In this therapeutic approach, we consider the individual as part of a greater whole – a family system – rather than as a separate entity. His individual behaviour, feelings and attitudes, have to be understood in the context of this larger group.


The way we bring these hidden, family dynamics to light is to have the client use the help of other group participants to create a constellation of his or her family. The participants, representing members of that person’s family, are positioned in the room in relation to each other according to the client’s feeling in that moment. In this way, we create a living model of their original (or present) family. What we have found is that the feelings and thoughts of the people representing family members are very similar to those of the actual family members. There obviously exists an energy field that guides the representatives’ movements and allows them to have access to all essential information of the systemic field.

Such constellations are usually carried out with a group of people, where members of the group play the roles of representatives. However, it also works in individual sessions where cushions or other symbols can be used to represent the positions of family members.

This work uniquely uncovers any destructive family dynamic that may be lingering beneath the surface. Resolution may not be immediately clear to the person who has presented the issue. The facilitator in the session re-positions members, occasionally asking them to speak their feelings aloud. Members may be moved from place to place in the constellation until they find a position or are able to make a verbal statement expressing feelings of comfort with their place in the constellation.

When those standing in for family members follow their spontaneous movements minutely, not only are family entanglements revealed, but we also discover what leads to healing.

Healing movements are supported by the interventions of the therapist, who brings in missing or excluded family-members, suggests new and more conscious behaviours, and finds healing sentences for the family members to say to each other.

Finally a new, more natural and healing balance for the whole system can be found, where the love between its members can flow again in a new and more conscious way.

A constellation reveals unconscious collective laws operating within a family system and also helps us to fall in tune with higher laws that take us beyond both the personal and the individual family, and brings us in contact with another dimension, where we all are one. This has an immediate healing effect not only on us, but on everyone who is close to us.

How does Family Constellation (FC) bring about movement?

Each session will differ and will depend on what arises in the session. The person bringing the ‘issue’ to the session will be the issue-holder. The other participants will be ‘representatives’ of the system that the issue-holder needs to work with.

In a FC, the issue-holder selects different group participants as representatives to create a picture of his or her family and the issues. The movement in the FC and the therapist interventions allow for a new, more natural and healing balance for the whole system, allowing for healing and movement to happen in real life.


Family constellations work is considered most effective in addressing concerns that are systemic in nature. These concerns might include family of origin issues, parent-child relationship difficulties, and intimate relationship challenges. It may be used as a potential therapy method for people who are seeking to break patterns in their life. This will benefit people who –

  • Are seeking to address negative or harmful relationship patterns
  • Bring about a change in their  romantic relationship
  • Are attempting to resolve family entanglements
  • Want to overcome inner turmoil
  • Have experienced significant trauma or loss
  • Are in search of personal and professional success
  • Resolve financial challenges
  • Ancestral traumas or patterns in the family

Family constellation therapy can also be used for a more specific physical, mental, social, or spiritual issues like: Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, Bad habits, Failure at work, Negative relationship patterns, Family dysfunction, Trauma, Grief, Obsessive thoughts, Physical illnesses, Financial problems, Phobias ,Excessive guilt etc.

Who is this for ?

Anyone who likes some insights, understandings, next steps or a shift in paradigm in personal development and health, relationships, family issues, business and organizations. You can join a constellation as the issue holder or as a representative.

What's in it for me as a Representative?

The constellation is healing for everyone. Usually the representative has a resonance with what’s unfolding in the constellation or with the member they are representing. Hence being representatives in the constellations is also extremely healing.

Can this be done on Zoom or has to be in person?

These groups can be done in person or online. For now we are facilitating these constellations both online and offline.

  • Issue holder :$225
  • Representative :FREE

No service or product is intended to treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental health condition. Persons with an ailment or physical complaint are to see their physician first for treatment, and make use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy as an adjunct to medical treatment.