Personal Therapy at RDW

Our Therapeutic Modalities 

We ReDefine Wellness, we use a variety of alternate therapeutic techniques like Inner Child Integration Therapy (ICIT), Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT), Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Energy Balancing, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Family Constellations (FC) and Anscretal healing, Sound Healing etc.  You can explore the methods from the menu on the right.

You don’t need to know , understand or even appreciate all the modalities. You just need to find the right techniques that resonate with you! Based on our first consultation with you, we work with you, your challenges, your belief systems to choose the right modality and create a wellness plan that works with you!

Our Therapeutic Process

In the first consultation, we usually start with a wellness consult to understand your issues, what needs to be addressed, share our perspectives and ways of working, different modality options and agree on a healing plan going forward.

In the healing sessions, we use a mix of modalities to work with the identified problem and we will discuss those options in the first session. The wellness consult will take about an hour.

Our Pricing

From a fees and process perspective for the 1:1 sessions –

The firsr session is usually a consultation session and lasts about an hour. The fees for that is a $150.

In the consult we take detailed history, share ways of working and agree on the therapeutic plan forward. We will do a small healing session if time permits.

If that works and you do choose to go for the healing 1:1 sessions post consult – wellness/ healing sessions are at $225/session and $600/3 sessions.

Each session is usually between 60-75 mins.

In some cases the sessions go longer ( for e.g for past lives, life between lives, working with dark energies etc). In that scenario we charge $75 for every 30 mins over and above the first 75 mins.

We will discuss with you upfront, if we think the session will take longer.

All prices quoted above are in singapore dollars.

Our Therapists

You can choose between our therapists – Shirley & Pooja. 

Please see their profile below.

The therapist that resonates with you is the right one for you!  Please let us know which therapist you would like to schedule a session with and we will be happy to arrange one for you! 

Therapist Availability

Pooja is available on weekdays from 8am – 4pm. 

Shirley will be able to meet with you during daytime, evenings and weekends as well. 

Please let us know when you would like to schedule the session and with whom. You can reach back to us on email or on the phone numbers below.

Pooja (+65-97276181,

Shirley (+65-91992684,

Mode of Therapy : At ReDefine Wellness, we provide therapy, both online and in-person at our centre at Beach Road. We have clients in singapore and all over the world whom we support in person or via Zoom!

Does Online Therapy really work? An increasingly large amount of research points to online therapy as an effective form of treatment. After aggregating the results of over 90 studies, researchers concluded that online counseling can be a powerful treatment option for everything from panic and anxiety disorders to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to smoking cessation. They also mention that online therapy was as effective as traditional, in-person therapy.

We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your healing journey!