Mindful Leaders Retreat

ReDefine Wellness Mindful Leaders Retreat empowers business leaders with the capability and mindset to build positive, collaborative workplace cultures that achieve extraordinary results Held in a breathtaking and relaxing locations, this program helps senior leaders and business owners develop the skills to self-manage in the moments that matter. From dealing with productivity challenges to having difficult conversations with colleagues, we help you sharpen the most powerful performance tool in your possession: your mind. Contact us if you want to find out more about our retreat and our practice.

Program Outline
Beyond the Retreat

What is Mindful Leadership ?

More businesses around the world are joining the self-observation practice Time Magazine dubbed “The Mindful Revolution”, which leading innovators including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the Harvard Business School are successfully using to improve the health and decision-making of its leaders.

Mindful leadership, which integrates your head (IQ) with your heart (EQ), affects your business in these three critical ways:

  1. Having a clear vision and direction for your organisation, or your team, that you can easily communicate, inspire people and makes them feel part of something important.
  2. Caring about the impact you have on others and investing energy in managing how you feel and think in order to have positive, progressive encounters with colleagues.
  3. Respecting yourself While self-management is an important part of the picture,‘Self-respect’ is the necessary core of a healthy effective leader. Self-respect affects identity. It fits alongside other important qualities such as self-awareness and self-care that are part of the make-up of every healthy human being.

You may have leadership gifts that draw people to you but it will be difficult for people to deeply bond to your leadership unless you learn to respect yourself.

Who is this retreat designed for ?

Senior leaders and business owners who value self-development and are ready to take their leadership to the next level. This program is ideal for high potential, high performing talent as part of their overall succession plan. It is also geared towards seasoned leaders who recognize they need inspiration from outside their own bubble—or just simply some time to stop, think, and plan the next step for their organisation.

Unlike traditional leadership programs that involve sitting, listening and talking to PowerPoint slides, ReDefine Mindful Leaders Retreat creates a collaborative learning environment where you are given just as much credence as the leading innovators and entrepreneurs brought in to share their stories.

In fact, you will do most of the talking in the learning sessions because we sincerely believe you are the world-leading expert on yourself. It’s only when we understand what truly motivates you, what you value in life (at work and at home), and how you plan to create impact in your organisation that we can know how to transform you into a mindful leader.

The program is designed to give you an in-depth experience of mindful living and leadership. We work with ‘the whole person’ because the mind and body are connected and you cannot affect change in one without working simultaneously on the other.

Each day you will be guided by an experienced facilitator in learning sessions, where you will explore your thinking and behavioral style, what’s important to you, where you are going and how you want to create impact in your business, for your team, and for your family.

Through daily yoga, meditation, and journaling, you will establish a practice of daily introspection and deeply connect with what’s important to you now and in the future.

In each meal you will learn about nutrition and eat food that promotes energy and wellbeing, gaining tips to creating quick, easy, healthy meals that will sustain a busy lifestyle.

You will gain inspiration the personal stories of business leaders who have led innovation in their own fields, and from your peers across different industries.

From this experience, you will gain:

  • Clarity on your personal values – your own personal source of power and influence
  • A vision and plan to deliver real business value
  • Confidence to communicate that vision with passion and energy
  • Skills to motivate, manage and give feedback with professionalism and courage
  • Capacity to sustain long-term performance through a balance of mindfulness, movement and lifestyle.

Our team of Coaches from ReDefine Wellness will continue to support your journey beyond the retreat by following up at one- and three-month intervals with 30-minute phone coaching and additional resources in mindful techniques and training.

We also offer team retreats and on-site programs that foster leadership and culture alignment to enhance your organisation’s performance and productivity. Contact us to learn more.

We design and customized Mindful Leaders Retreat to meet your organisation needs.Please contact us as at info@redefinewellness.asia to schedule a retreat with your organization’s leaders.