Silva Success Stories

What’s your new year resolution?” asked the Uber driver. “To be happy” was my spontaneous reply. That got me thinking of the journey I had undertaken to tackle the issues of obesity & a toxic relationship.Doing the Silva Method workshop had impacted my life in a profound way. My weight was down by 8 kgs & I was able to come to terms with the toxic relationship & the hurt it entailed.

The positivity was enhanced through Reiki.Thank you Pooja. May you continue to impact & heal lives forever.


8-9 years of insomnia gone in 8-9 days! Since completing the Silva course with Pooja recently, I have been getting much better sleep. Deeper uninterrupted sleep, for longer hours. Waking up at the right time, too. And waking up much fresher and energised. Allopathy, TaiChi, Yoga, EFT, Reiki — nothing helped. Silva did!!! This is a really big deal!! Read More


I recently attended the 4 day Silva Workshop conducted by Pooja. It has been a journey and those 4 day felt longer maybe because we were tapping into the subconscious mind and reprogramming it. It was an amazing workshop and learnt so many tools to apply and reprogram my subconscious mind for the life and experience I desire. The group energy was fantastic and I can see myself connecting with them again. It’s a life tool that everyone will benefit from learning. Pooja is a wonderful teacher, free of judgement, giving you the safe space to experience while she guides you and meets you where you are in life. Immense gratitude for this journey.


I did Silva Ultramind with Pooja in April 2024 and it was an absolute impromptu decision. I decided Friday morning that I will do the course starting Saturday and flew in from India – I decided at 8.30 am and was in flight at 1.30 pm! And I had never met or spoken with her before. Looking back, it was one of the best impromptu decisions of mine :)Read More


I chanced upon Silva again after I came across it back in 2014 when I was in the Middle East. I did not find a place to sign up for it there and then life took over and I forgot about it. Until March this year when it popped up again. I decided to see if I could find a coach and I found Pooja. She responded to my messages so promptly and even took the time to speak with me when she was on leave. Needless to say I signed up and it was definitely the best thing I could have done for myself. The 4 days with Pooja and everyone else was an energetic and illuminating experience. Read More


Completed 4 days of The Silva Method with Pooja @ ReDefine Wellness. She has successfully structured, simplified and delivered the techniques to us in the most engaging manner i love. Theory coupled with meditation and tapped into my subconscious mind, searched and connected into my inner self for my purpose in life. An awakening for me… to be true to my inner soul, universe and trust my intuition. Highly recommend for those who wanna have deeper connection with yourself, trust and grow your intuition and manifest the dreams of your life 💖💞.


I have the most amazing success story to share. It’s a bit offbeat and blew my mind away.
My TV suddenly started showing a change of colour and lines coming every few minutes on the screen. I decided to start programming it with the technique learnt in Ultra Silva. Read More


Sharing a lovely success story from a Silva Ultra graduate – which is inspirational 💕

My youngest went to her annual pediatrician appointment last December (she turned 6 last December). They checked her eyes and they were concerned because she can’t read the bottom 3 lines. Appointment for Ophthalmologist takes a while to get in the US, so I told her pediatrician I will just get it done in Singapore. Read More


I’m immensely grateful for Pooja over the 5 or so years that I’ve worked with her. I started from a place of emotional unavailability, an underlying angst I could not pin down the cause of, and a fear of commitment, overlayed with skepticism of the process itself. Upon a friend’s referral, I thought I’d leave skepticism at the door and try.


From the Silva techniques for sleep to Reiki on my hardest days & the exhausting but liberating inner child work, Pooja has helped me work through many blocks, hardwired patterns and emotional pain. I was able to open up to better relationship choices, re-engineer and/or let go of friendships that were weighing me down, and allow myself to choose playfulness contrary to my hardwired notions on work and responsibility always coming first.


I feel more content on a day to day basis and take comfort in that I can reach out to Pooja when the next hurdle arises – even after many months of no sessions – and know that she ‘gets it’ and can help.


If you’re a skeptic, my advice is take a leap and try anyway. You may just be surprised by what it opens up for you! And if not, well then you’ve had the pleasure of talking to the kind and wonderful person that Pooja is 🙂


My decision to learn The Silva Method and Reiki with Pooja were the two most vital choices I made in my life – they have immeasurably changed me and the way I live. I’m a regular practitioner of the Silva Method and Reiki and I have seen not just myself and my life but also my course-mates’ evolve beautifully. Pooja’s training / teaching styles are fantastic and she as a person is empathetic, patient and so much fun! The best part about taking these courses at ReDefine Wellness is the ‘after sales support’ that she extends! Highly recommend.


My life has transformed drastically from the services provided by Redefine Wellness. I’ve attended multiple workshops, classes and therapy sessions since finding out about Redefine Wellness at the end of 2019.

I’ve attended the Silva Method Workshop conducted by her and did a refresh, learning tools that I use daily and actually experience daily life much more differently as compared to before. I’ve also got my Reiki Level 1 & 2 certification from Pooja (registered for Level 3!). Reiki as a modality has brought so much healing and peace

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Deep Healing with Reiki, Silva and Regression Therapy

My life has transformed drastically from the services provided by Redefine Wellness. I’ve attended multiple workshops, classes and therapy sessions since finding out about Redefine Wellness at the end of 2019. In fact, I’ve already signed up for another workshop in 2021 and can’t wait for it! I’ve attended the Silva Method Workshop conducted by her and did a refresh, learning tools that I use daily and actually experience daily life much more differently as compared to before.


I did the 4 day Silva Meditation course and it was truly amazing. That 4 day investment has made many positive differences to my life. Pooja is a special person, with a wonderful gift. You won’t regret signing up to any of her courses.


Silva Method has been invaluable to me as I navigate the complexities of being a full time working mom. Pooja’s creates a safe, interactive space to learn, master and share the Silva skills. A must do workshop in your evolution journey!

Suzanne C

I attended the Silva 4 day retreat with Pooja here. Pooja is an amazing coach and the group meditation sessions were really very powerful. I managed to muster up the courage and take a couple of life transforming decisions within days. Would be rejoicing again.


I attended the 4 day Silva workshop conducted by Pooja. The basic ideas sound simple – Silva methods allows us to relax and go into Alpha brain waves in a matter of seconds. Just imagine that calmness and mindfulness when you go about your days, it is meditation on demand! Of course it comes with practice, but I am thoroughly convinced that it is doable and it does not involve hours and hours of meditation practice.  Read More


Last night, I put the programmed course manual into a leather binder and left it in the car. For the past few days, my spouse and I were  in a “cold war” situation because of something he had neglected with our friends. I was laying in bed already when it dawned on me that my girlfriend was leaving for Budapest at 5 a.m. the next morning and I needed to tell her something very important. Read More

Judith Fabri

I have done Reiki and Silva method training, and one-to-one sessions with Pooja. Her contribution to me has been priceless. Loads of insight and tools that are now part of my everyday life. A milestone in my personal development. Look no further.

Healing through Reiki and Silva

Last fall I gave my father a box of programmed cigarettes for his birthday. I used the object-programming technique to encode a message for him to no longer desire cigarettes after smoking thatpack- SJE that his aura gets filled with energy and he feels his life is complete even without cigarettes. He has not smoked since then and that was 13 months ago. Until then, he had smoked 2 packs a day for 35 years.


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” has never been more true for me. After trying many other therapies out there, I had just about given up on myself and on life when I chanced upon Pooja in March of 2021. I decided to try the hynotherapy and past life regression therapy to get to the root cause of my issues 🙂. I enjoyed my sessions so much I didn’t want them to end. For the first time in years I felt truly heard, unjudged, and experienced measurable progress. I learned that healing is a journey rather than a single event. Read More


An acquaintance of mine came down with a serious case of auto-immune disease. As a consequence, both of his legs became paralyzed. When he was admitted to the hospital he couldn’t move his
body from waist down. They let him go home with the uninspiring prognosis that with 6 months of intense physical therapy he might be able to stand – with the help of a walker. Read More

Mrs. Florian Kocsis, Szolnok

I was taken to the Urology Department of the hospital. The head physician examined me with his cystoscope and told me that my disease was so severe, that even with the best drugs it will take several months until I will be OK. He sent me home, and told me to go to my regular doctor, who will prescribe the drug that he recommends in his medical letter. He told me to go back to him to the hospital after 2 weeks for a checkup. Read More

Mrs. L. Almasi