Reiki Healing

What is Reiki Healing?

A Personal Reiki Healing is an hour long session for you to experience the deep rejuvenating benefits of Reiki.  Its generally a ‘hand-on’ session where the reciprinet is fully clothed and relaxing and just experiencing Reiki.  Great for de-stress, relaxation, and giving yourself a well needed energy boost. Reiki treatments are also great for anyone suffering from poor immune response due to illness, recovery, depression, or any other ailments.

What is a Reiki Healing session?

Reiki healing is excellent for stress relief, anxiety, and regaining balance.  A healing session is when a Reiki practitioner gives you a Reiki treatment whereby energy passes through their hands and into your body, providing you an energy boost.  Treatments last one hour and after a treatment you can expect to feel very relaxed, calm and rejuvenated, though this varies from session to session depending on what is going on in your body at the time.  

What problems can be treated by Reiki Healing?

The general uses would encompass anything from general stress relief and revitalizing to treatment for serious ailments, pain, or disease patterns.  For those in pain or suffering from specific ailments, a series of treatments will be required to see significant results, we generally suggest a series of three treatments to kick start your immune system.

What will I feel in a Reiki Healing Session?

Reiki is very balancing, relaxing and rejuvenating! During the session you may feel your stress and anxiety lessening, you may even fall asleep or go into a light meditative state.

With deeper energy experience, if you are open to it – you may get some intuitive visuals, listen to your inner voice or just feel an immense sense of calm or peace.  

Some people feel a warmth, cool energy, vibrations or tingling from the practitioners hand, as they are placed in various part of the body. However, some people may feel NOTHING. And that’s fine if you feel no physical sensation! Fortunately Reiki works weather you feel it or not!! Just relax and enjoy the feeling of calm or balance.

The Reiki experience depends on your body’s need and can change from session to session even with the same person. With continued Reiki healing, clients become more and more aware of their own energy and may have deeper experiences!

Will I ‘detox’ if I do Reiki?

No! Reiki is Universal energy and its all about balance!  For most clients, a Reiki healing session results in feelings of calmness and peace and a general improvement in their symptoms.  However, it must be cautioned that in a minority of cases the body needs to detox in order for proper healing to take place. This is especially true if the body has been neglected, or the issues have been ignored or suppressed for a long time.  This is an important point to note as detox can sometimes produce uncomfortable symptoms such as headaches, stomach upsets, aches and pains, tingling in limbs, stiffness, rash or skin inflammation, heightened emotions or emotional releases. Detox symptoms of course are rare, and are a natural process of the body healing.  These symptoms are a great sign (better out than in!) that the body is releasing toxins that could otherwise cause disease later on.

How many sessions do I need?

The process of 3 successive treatments is specifically designed to ensure any detox is supported through the Reiki treatments and the shift happens as smoothly and quickly as possible. However, if you just want to experience Reiki, you can start with 1 session.

Can we do ‘distance’ Reiki?

Reiki can also be send via distance, where the recipient and the practitioner doesn’t need to be in the same room! In distance Reiki, the reiki is channeled over distance to provide the same Reiki energy as ‘hands-on’ session. Some people sometimes feel it’s more powerful – as it connects to the person’s energy system directly, without the limitation of the physical body! Distance Reiki is best when the person can’t travel or is overseas!

One ‘hands-on Reiki’ session – $225

Package of 3 ‘hands-on Reiki ’ sessions – $600

Package of 3 ‘distance Reiki’ (15-20 mins each) sessions – $225


No service or product is intended to treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental health condition. Persons with an ailment or physical complaint are to see their physician first for treatment, and make use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy as an adjunct to medical treatment.