Ascend Reiki 3

At Ascend Reiki Level 3, the chakras that were activated and cleansed during the first 2 attunements are activated and strengthen further. The Ascend Reiki energy rising is advanced. The activated Ascend Reiki energy is strengthened and can rise through the energy layers to the crown chakra. Through this, the chakras are fully activated, consciousness is raised and the ability to channel healing energy is greatly enhanced.

During the Ascend Reiki Level 3 session, which comes with a 3rd-degree attunement, you will be learning the following and more:

  • Learn to strengthen the Ascend reiki flow with Diamond Reiki
  • Learn to balance the energy flow in your body with Balance Reiki
  • Learn to release the trauma of birth with Birth Trauma Reiki
  • Learn to release karmic bonds and ties between places with Location Reiki
  • Learn to release and heal blockages from past life with Past Life Reiki
  • Learn to strengthen the ability to heal DNA strands, inherited genetics and diseases with DNA Reiki
  • Learn to do a visualisation scan of the body for deposits with Crystalline Reiki

Workshop Fees for Level 3 is at $950


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Shirley Tay at 9199 2684

Venue for all classes & workshops: ReDefine Wellness, 333B Beach Road. Level 3, SG 199563

Ascend Reiki 3 Workshops

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Date Time Teacher
28th & 29th Sep 2024 10.00am to 6.00pm (2 days) Shirley Tay
Success Stories
  • Attending this Ascend Reiki as a refresher really helped me understand the totality of healing and how Ascend Reiki can be integrated into my life! Ascend Reiki was my first self healing tool. After practicing 15 years and also my learning with other modalities, this is still where I return to as the most comprehensive ! Many thanks Shirley! 

    Angeline Seet
  • Ascend Reiki is a very effective healing tool and has helped me deepen the ways of healing. It had helped me become more calm and realised the things that I need to let go and work on. It also helped me gain confident with my clients as I am now equipped with the skills and knowledge to help others. Shirley is a loving and patient teacher. She answers all the questions and ensure that we understand them.

    Alvin Soh
  • I have applied the healing techniques from Ascend Reiki on myself  which I can use at any time to gain greater awareness of my energy state and emotional issues. Shirley is a very kind, intuitive and patient teacher. The course has been very helpful in helping me navigate life as a spiritual being in the human world.

    Emily Tan
  • The Ascend Reiki attunement was an awesome experience and I learnt different methods to heal myself and others. I am able to feel centered and balanced. It also helped me to heal physical pains and improved my state of mind. Shirley is a wonderful teacher and mentor who gives total focus in  sharing her knowledge and provides useful and practical tips to her students. I am forever feeling blessed to meet her in my current life. My healing journey has been fruitful and beautiful ever since I attended her energy, meditation workshops and sound healing classes!

    Lin Chin Mei
  • I have been so fortunate to have found Shirley 👑 Ascend Reiki course back in 2009. In receiving the Ascend Reiki attunement my life has really changed in ways that are difficult to explain. I feel so much more empowered and able to handle situations that I may have found too difficult or uncomfortable in the past because I now know they are due to energy and I can now change the energy to positive or for the highest good. I use my Ascend Reiki almost every day for one reason or another, to help myself or others with issues or even to just have a good day. Former energy blockages have been removed and I now take action whenever I decide to do something I want to do. I have decided to fearlessly return to university and pursue a second Degree, I have lost 40 pounds in just one year. I am no longer afraid to act! I am so much more balanced and grounded now ever since I started the Ascend Reiki practice but most important of all, I am happy!

    Sarah, USA, 2009
  • I was invited by Shirley for a self healing course with Ascend Reiki. This experience blew me away, it has only been 2 days after the Reiki level 1 attunement and I was already more aware of my inner self – during the course. The meditation allowed me to feel more secure and I started to let go out of old unwanted habits.

    Ally, Singapore 2015
  • Ascend Reiki has been immensely helpful in increasing my level of vitality (energy and qi). I feel more connected, energetic, and calm after weeks and months of practicing the tools and attunement passed down to me by Shirley. Shirley is full of passion and insights about Ascend Reiki and has provided support, kindness and wisdom in my journey. I combine it with my own modalities of meditation and yoga on a daily basis. I love Kundalini Reiki! 

    Elaine, Singapore 2016
  • Ascend Reiki has helped me apply healing techniques on myself which I can use at any time to gain greater awareness of my energy state and emotional issues. I am becoming more aware of my body needs, more effective in my work in terms of relating to other people in a compassionate way.

    Emily, 2022
  • Ever since I learned Ascend Reiki, I am able to feel centered and balanced. It also helps me heal physical pains and improves the state of mind. I enjoyed learning different methods to heal myself and others. The 3rd attunement was an awesome experience.

    Chin Mei 2022
  • The techniques of Ascend Reiki are very effective and has helped me to deepen the ways of healing. I feel more calm and realised things that I need to let go and worked on.

    Alvin 2022

At Level 3, the attunement will fully activate and strengthen all the energy centres. Consciousness is raised and the ability to channel healing energy is greatly enhanced. You will be able to heal more complex health and life issues with additional powerful techniques including Diamond Reiki, Crystalline Reiki, DNA Reiki, Birth Trauma Reiki, Location Reiki and Past Life Reiki. Click here for details !

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