Pooja Healing Story

Pooja’s healing journey below outlines how she stumbled upon the path of alternate therapies like Meditation, Yoga, Silva Method and Reiki, which had life-changing impact on her. She passionately believes they can be of benefit to countless individuals in need of physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Her journey has led to the creation of ReDefine Wellness and she is continuing this journey to learn about alternate therapies, absorb and share with others.

An Accident That Changed a Life

While most youth are contemplating what to wear to their next social event, the pressures of university or working life, failing relationships and problematic skin; Pooja, aged 20, found herself contemplating five very bleak words; the words of a medical expert You will never walk again. With a broken spine and neck from a freak fall from a balcony in her apartment, Pooja was heartbroken.

She was a young woman who had left her nest in Rajasthan to pursue an Engineering Degree in Delhi. Ambitious, high spirited, vivacious and rebellious in nature, she was ready for the world until fate stepped in. Defying the odds, summoning up all her inner strength and indomitable will, Pooja managed to take those five words and transform them into a positive I am alive, I have been given a second chance and I WILL walk again!. This mindset was the beginning of a transformative yet challenging journey.

Heavily investing in faith, Pooja began to meditate and visualize herself in the upmost physical state. She learned Silva Method for dynamic meditation & creative visualisation and used that to fast-track her healing. Over the next five years, she gradually transformed herself from a victim to a victor and managed to scrap the prognosis served to her while she lay bed-ridden five years previously.

And the doctors were awestruck by this inexplicable progress. Within 5 years, this young woman was not only walking but dreaming of tackling Machu Picchu and Mount Kilamanjaro!

Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Ayurveda, and a Pain-Free Life

However, being able to walk did not suffice, this young woman needed to live a pain-free life and realize her ambitions. Unfortunately, pain killers were a part of her routine along with meditation. Pooja knew she needed remove the shackles of pain, once and for all.

A few years later, serendipity stepped in and Pooja discovered the healing qualities of Reiki (energy healing) while being bed-ridden and in pain in India during a relapse. Reiki allowed her to get the strength to fight her pain the second time and allowed her to return to Singapore! There she chanced upon a teacher who specialised in Yoga Therapy for spinal injuries. With Reiki & Yoga therapy coming to rescue, her ordeal with pain began to subside, as did her reliance on pain killers. Committing herself to daily meditation practise & Reiki energy healing combined with regular asana practice with the guidance of her great teachers, Pooja’s journey of spiritual and physical healing went from strength to strength. With an open mind and heart, many more gifts were bestowed upon her by the Universe. Pooja also discovered Ayurvedic remedies which provided further relief from the pain. With a fierce commitment to all these therapies, her neck and back pain became virtually negligible.

From Bed to Mount Kilimanjaro

True to her word, in 2005 (seven years post that fateful day), Pooja realised the first of her two ambitions she climbed Machu Pichu! Her sacred spirit soared 7,000 feet high above the Peruvian plains giving her a new lease on life.

As if taking that leap of faith was not enough! This committed soul, lived out her second goal in 2013 and ascended the North face of Kilimanjaro. Only two-thirds of people are successful and once again, Pooja defied the odds and reached the summit within six days. She credits the gift of meditation, Reiki healing and the yoga therapy to allow her to fulfil this dream!

Healing Journey Continues

Pooja’s healing journey does not end there. Running her own business can be taxing and recently she was diagnosed with stress related issues with borderline cholesterol. As a result, she underwent a deep Ayurvedic detox (known as panchakarma) treatment. Not only did her symptoms vanish but she got a clean bill of health from her very surprised doctor!

Bringing Healing to Others

Pooja used her new found freedom from pain and optimal health to pursue a highly successful career in marketing and wed a very loving spouse. Her career and marriage thrived, yet she felt a void that could not be filled by anything tangible. It was at this point, a revelation occurred. Her soul calling needed to be fulfilled. Only one choice remained to detach from the familiar and surrender to what felt right as opposed to what was perceived to be right. Pooja quit her career after 12+ years of marketing to create Vaidhyam Wellness in 2013 which is focused on sharing healing Meditation, Reiki, Yoga and Ayurveda philosophies. Her mission was to spread the healing qualities of alternative therapies and her own experiences of healing became an integral part of how her therapies were designed.

This website shares her learning on these therapies with all, in effort to promote this healing mission.

Taking your fears and replacing them with courage, taking doubt and replacing it with unshakeable faith and trust, leads one to reach countless summits, enjoy wonderful vistas and continue to ascend to new heights beyond ones imagination. We hope that Pooja’s journey inspire you to believe in you and reward yourself with a life of longevity and ultimate health.