Pooja’s Client Stories

V, Past Life Regression Therpay

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Pooja Arora at ReDefine Wellness . I had 2 sessions of Past Life Regression Therapy with her , and my past life finally opened up . It was Pooja who helped me to navigate and maneuver through the significant events of that life until finally all the pieces got together and made absolute sense of the bigger picture .

While doing so , she was always patient and compassionate , asking all the essential and relevant questions for the session to flow through .

She never once rushed through the session and towards the end of it , all the necessary healing and energy work was done with closure with each and every significant soul that I had to encounter in that life .

I will most certainly recommend Pooja to anyone seeking answers to their present , from their past .

Anonymous, Dealing with child’s behavioral issues and allergies

I am so grateful to have met Pooja, Not only she is my Reiki teacher, she has helped my son with behavioural issues on energy scanning and healing. I took her advice to eliminate certain food from his diet, his behaviours have improved and I am amazed he even had outgrown his nasal allergy which he has been suffering since he was a baby. Being a mother, this is one of my greatest joys, I am also a firm believer in alternative medicines now.


Ei Myitzu, Dealing with loneliness and sadness

I took one to one healing session with Pooja for inner child therapy starting since this February 2020, and by June, I become like a new person now. This healing journey have been tough and I always felt like I would even get better ever again. Along the way, Pooja kept assuring me to trust the process and here I am in June, seeing life with different views and grateful for this journey. All those years of dwelling on loneliness and sadness are just gone and regained my self-love, power back. I now feel like it was the best decision that I ever made to have coaching sessions with Pooja. I can’t be thankful enough. Thank you Pooja and all Redefine Wellness team.

Anonymous, Dealing with Anger and Anxiety

I would like to take this chance to share my appreciation and gratitude for Pooja’s personalized therapies plus her Reiki training course. As someone who pays a lot of attention to my inner world, and as someone who has a loving family who helps me on my journey, it is clear that Pooja has been a life-changing influence for me. I am generally much happier, don’t feel I’m re-living the script of my angry parents when I deal with my own family, and cannot believe that the issues that brought me to Pooja in the first place were actually once a problem for me at all! In particular, I would highly recommend Pooja’s Past Life Regression and Inner Child therapies to anyone who can’t quite explain all the aspects of themselves.

Nidhi, Chronic Eczema Management through Regression Therapy & Energy healing

I started working with Pooja in February 2018, after trying multiple ways to solve my chronic and sometimes debilitating eczema issues over the last 17 years. Over the last year and half I’ve learnt Reiki and the Silva Method from Pooja which have equipped me with the tools to deal with triggers in my life. The 1-1 sessions we’ve had (about 6) with energy work and regression therapy have also helped me tremendously.

I am 99% cured and my allopathic and naturopathic Doctors, both have been shocked with the speed of my recovery.

My food intolerances have also gradually reduced and I have been able to enjoy some “normalcy” in my life once again.

More importantly, the biggest gain has not just been to my physical self, but to my spiritual self. I feel more connected to who I am and what I want out of life. This was an absolute extra I wasn’t anticipating beyond curing my illness. I can’t thank Pooja enough for guiding me through this journey.

TG, Reigniting passion for life through Inner Child Regression Therapy

The inner child communication sessions I had with Pooja were amazing. The beauty of meeting a younger me full of hope for the future, to touch that innocence once again was so heart warming. I was flooded with images of the love and care I received from my parents, the joy of playing in nature and appreciating the simple things in life. There were sad moments but when the older me gave that beautiful child the hugs of reassurance and care her little heart was healed. I felt a peace within me that knew no boundaries. It flooded my being with happiness and joy. All through the process Pooja was there to guide and hold my hand with compassion and love. That connection of trust and openness is an amazing process. Thank you Pooja for this wonderful experience.

Tharanga, Handling loss of loved ones with Regression Therapy

I lost my mother in 2003 and ever since then I had felt as if there was this big black hole inside where my heart used to reside. I went through life and had the usual ups and downs along with moments of happiness and even sadness but throughout it all I missed my mother. I wished I could share my joy with her. I got married and had a very successful career. But there was a sense of sadness along with every experience. I tried very hard to let go and not think of her too much. But it wasn’t working. I heard hypnotherapy helps you with such things. So I readily agreed when Pooja offered me the chance to be a test subject. I approached the session with some trepidation after hearing all the stories in the media about hypnotherapy. But it was nothing like what was described. I had full control over my thoughts and access to my inner being. The most fascinating aspect of it was the ability to recall in great detail conversations and long forgotten incidents as if they were happening in real time in my minds eye. It was a kaleidoscope of emotions and colours with a vivid movie playing in the background of my mind. I could recall smells and even tastes in great detail. The best part was my ability to let go of the parts of the movie that I didn’t like and replace it with happy and joyful harmony. I was able to enjoy the memories I had with my mother once again and also let go. She will forever live in my heart and my most cherished memories but I understood that continuously being sorry about things I couldn’t have was not the way forward. I was able let go of the need to hang on and make my peace with her loss. Now when I think of her it is with love and gratitude for the happy memories I shared with her. What a wonderful experience. Throughout the process I was able to trust Pooja and allow her to guide me and ground me. I think the depth of understanding shown by the practitioner and the ability to trust without reservations is key to a successful session. Pooja had it all.

HS, Smoking Cessation with Regression Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Today is exactly my 6th month free from cigarettes. And I can’t be happier to call myself an ex-smoker or non- smoker. For years I have tried several different methods to quit. From Allen Carr to other hypnosis, to gums or just plain cold turkey. I would last a few days and I‘d always find my way back to cigarettes.

Deep down, i knew I was smoking to escape certain emotions but didn’t know how to find a way out . And with each passing day, I was feeling more worried about the ill effects cigarettes would have on my health.

Exactly 6 months back, I went for Pooja’s 5 day hypnotherapy session. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the sessions but I went with full faith and trust that I was in Pooja’s good hands. I have to say the sessions I did with Pooja were mind blowing as it cleared so many blockages I had in me. What amazed me was how the method allows one to really dig deep to find the root cause from any realm in the Universe. The sessions were intensive on my body but Pooja really helped me work through the healing process.

Since I completed the sessions, I have occasionally been around smokers but it has not affected me. I have to admit I do occasionally think about the smell of cigarettes or how it made me “feel good”, but I have never once felt the need to pick up a stick. What I do instead is to acknowledge the feeling or emotion and to clear it energetically on my own.

I can’t thank Pooja enough for being with me through this journey. Thank you for encouraging me to try this method out. You have helped me regain my health and life back and I will always be grateful to you for it.

Regina Phalange, Anxiety & Depression Management through Regression Therapy and energy work

Before I met Pooja, I had spent 5 years going in and out of depression; feeling an overwhelming sense of numbness and the desire for anything that could help me make it from one day to the next. During that time frame I was going on and off medications, from one psychologist to another, from one country to another. What I realized from working with a ton of psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors was that none of them could give me a solution to my problem. Yes, their methods helped but I never dealt with the root cause of my problems and therefore found myself in a recurring loop of misery.

Up until that point, I had never tried or even thought about trying to solve my problems via holistic healing modalities. Then one day after desperately reaching out to a friend for help, she recommended I meet Pooja and try out alternative healing. Thankfully I listened and since then my life has changed in its entirety. Working with Pooja has seen me uncover the root cause of my pain and sadness as I have somehow found the courage to deal with some very difficult personal issues. The results have seen me make lasting changes to my life such as laugh more, change jobs, move homes and become a lot healthier mentally as well as physically.

What sets Pooja apart from other therapists is the range of different holistic healing modalities she has mastered. Her knack for knowing when to use what as well as how to fuse techniques together to suit your individual needs, makes her an expert at solving any kind of problem you may face in life. As a person she is easy to talk to and trust and her non-judgmental nature makes her an ideal therapist for anyone.

19th Century psychiatrist Carl Jung said “who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.” Pooja’s gift in life is her innate ability to get people to look inside with kindness and compassion for themselves. I am grateful for the awakening that has followed my work with Pooja and I hope everyone will be as fortunate as I have been, to have found the perfect guide for spiritual wellness.

Anonymous, Managing Corporate Work Stress & Performance

I approached Pooja few months back when I was having tough times in my job. While I thought I was having overwhelming pressure at work, it actually turned out it was just the tip of the iceberg! During the therapy other issues came out, even things that dated back 30 years ago and that my mind “strategically” removed from my memories. Thanks to Pooja I managed to reborn as a better person: I am more calm and relaxed now, more focused when under pressure and overall a much more positive person!

ND, Regression Therapy and Energy Healing

I am at a loss of words to talk about Pooja and her incredible abilities to heal people. All I know is that she brings healing energies from some wondrous place. She then surprises her clients with what is possible. She sparks in people an amazing journey by which they can get in touch with parts of themselves which they never knew existed.

Pooja is my go-to person for any kind of complex healing challenge. Her quest for healing people is remarkable, undefinable and unique. Her logic is robust and rooted in new age thinking and practice of wellness. Please experience her to understand for yourself. I have, and the results have been incredible.

Vrinda, Regression Therapy and Energy Healing

When a friend first suggested I meet with Pooja and mentioned she uses alternative forms of healing, I was unsure of what to expect. However, Pooja’s calm and positive demeanor, made me instantly comfortable and open to the idea of trying an unconventional approach. I would describe my healing journey so far as an ’emotional cleanse’ where I have not only worked with Pooja on issues and challenges that I was aware of but also been exposed to deeper issues in my subconscious mind. Each session with Pooja leaves me ‘wowed’ on the new discoveries we make and leaves me feeling calm and positive. Overall, I believe I have become far more self-aware than I have ever been and I approach every new challenge and situation more aware and more mindful”

AT, Regression Therapy

Pooja Arora was very good at identifying and eliminating deep-seated issues, which were causing me distress and preventing me from living up to my potential. I would recommend Pooja Arora to anyone who wants to move forward and live a fully-fledged life.

J, Regression Therapy and Energy Healing

Pooja is able to draw upon a rich variety of experience, expertise and healing techniques – both modern and traditional – in her work. She is generous with herself and her knowledge. The sessions I had were interesting, illuminating and healing. Even when things got tough, I knew I was in good hands. Thanks again for the work we did together – I often draw upon it in my continuing journey.

Anjali, Regression Therapy and Energy Healing

Pooja’s biggest strength as a healer lies in her ability to navigate through multiple modalities to find the best pathways for you. I have gone to her at different points in my healing journey and have always come back with fresh insight, new uncomfortable truths to contend with, or just lighter for having shared with someone so non judgmental and calming. But I think what I admire most is her constant thirst for her own growth- and she brings all that learning to heal everyone around her. I regard her as a dear friend today and she has added immensely to my spiritual growth- so thank you pooja!

Chiara, Wellness Therapy

I have done Reiki and Silva method training, and one-to-one sessions with Pooja. Her contribution to me has been priceless. Loads of insight and tools that are now part of my everyday life. A milestone in my personal development. Look no further.

June 17, 2020
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