Pooja’s Client Stories

I am at a loss of words to talk about Pooja and her incredible abilities to heal people. All I know is that she brings healing energies from some wondrous place. She then surprises her clients with what is possible. She sparks in people an amazing journey by which they can get in touch with parts of themselves which they never knew existed.
Pooja is my go-to person for any kind of complex healing challenge. Her quest for healing people is remarkable, undefinable and unique. Her logic is robust and rooted in new age thinking and practice of wellness. Please experience her to understand for yourself. I have, and the results have been incredible.

Healing from deep within

I sought Pooja’s guidance and Reiki healing for a major health condition last year. Subsequently I attended Pooja’s workshops, and applied the Silva mind method and Reiki healing on myself. These modalities really work in supporting my healing! My latest medical assessment is sunshine positive, indicating that my condition is stable. I am grateful to Pooja, who is really a great healer and master!

Inspiring Healing for a Major Health Challenge

We consulted Pooja for our daughter. After just 2-3 sessions with her, we saw massive improvements. Not only her physical issues got resolved, she became more energetic. We saw a totally different child who was lot more focused, loving and caring. Thank you Pooja for everything.

Working with kids with energy work and hypnotherapy

I got to know Pooja early this year. After consulting with her , I can confidently say that I am on the right path in my healing journey. I can see tremendous improvement in myself. Her hypnotherapy and past life regression sessions helped me to uncover hidden thought patterns which I did not know existed. I am always at awe after her sessions.
Pooja is very kind, patient and makes you feel at ease during the sessions. I also did Silva Method program with her which helped me to face my problems more confidently. I would highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to heal and empower themselves. Thank you Pooja for everythig.

Working with physical and emotional challenges with Hypnotherpay and Past Life Regression

I’m immensely grateful for Pooja over the 5 or so years that I’ve worked with her. I started from a place of emotional unavailability, an underlying angst I could not pin down the cause of, and a fear of commitment, overlayed with skepticism of the process itself. Upon a friend’s referral, I thought I’d leave skepticism at the door and try., Read More

Healing from deep emotional angst

The inner child communication sessions I had with Pooja were amazing. The beauty of meeting a younger me full of hope for the future, to touch that innocence once again was so heart warming. I was flooded with images of the love and care I received from my parents, Read More

Reigniting passion for life through Inner Child Regression Therapy

I got to know Pooja 5 months back. After consulting with her , I can confidently say that I am on the right path in my healing journey. I can see tremendous improvement in myself. Her hypnotherapy and past life regression sessions helped me to uncover hidden thought patterns which I did not know existed. I am always at awe after her sessions. Read More

Healing negative thought patterns with Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Pooja Arora was very good at identifying and eliminating deep-seated issues, which were causing me distress and preventing me from living up to my potential. I would recommend Pooja Arora to anyone who wants to move forward and live a fully-fledged life.

Healing emotional distress through regression therapy

My life has transformed drastically from the services provided by Redefine Wellness. I’ve attended multiple workshops, classes and therapy sessions since finding out about Redefine Wellness at the end of 2019.

I’ve attended the Silva Method Workshop conducted by her and did a refresh, learning tools that I use daily and actually experience daily life much more differently as compared to before. I’ve also got my Reiki Level 1 & 2 certification from Pooja (registered for Level 3!). Reiki as a modality has brought so much healing and peace

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Deep Healing with Reiki, Silva and Regression Therapy

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Pooja Arora at ReDefine Wellness . I had 2 sessions of Past Life Regression Therapy with her , and my past life finally opened up . It was Pooja who helped me to navigate and maneuver through the significant events of that life until finally all the pieces got together and made absolute sense of the bigger picture . While doing so , she was always patient and compassionate, Read More

Seeking answers through Past life Regression therapy

I chanced upon ReDefine Wellness when i was looking for someone who can do Past Life Regression Therapy. Of so many therapy centre in Singapore from my research, i read them one by one & i felt the connection with Pooja. Read More


Healing Relationships through Past Life Regression Therapy
Suzanne C

Her therapy sessions made a big impact in my life. She is a professional who doesn’t judge and is excellent at listening and getting down to core issues in a very comfortable way. Like most of us, I was apprehensive about seeking help but she made it all easy and comfortable. I would strongly recommend anyone who is seeking an alternative method to have a better life to go to Pooja without a doubt.

Dealing with Core issues with Regression Therapy

My experience at ReDefine Wellness was nothing short of wholesome. I had Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression therapy (PLRT), and Family constellation sessions with Pooja. The experience was unique and different everytime and I began to feel lighter and lighter, better and better. Pooja is very attentive and non-judgmental. She really listens and wants her clients to experience true healing all in a tranquil and calming environment. Read More

Removing patterns with hypnotherapy and past life Regression

Today is exactly my 6th month free from cigarettes. And I can’t be happier to call myself an ex-smoker or non- smoker. For years I have tried several different methods to quit. From Allen Carr to other hypnosis, to gums or just plain cold turkey. I would last a few days and I‘d always find my way back to cigarettes. Read More

Smoking Cessation with Regression Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Before I met Pooja, I had spent 5 years going in and out of depression; feeling an overwhelming sense of numbness and the desire for anything that could help me make it from one day to the next. During that time frame I was going on and off medications, from one psychologist to another, from one country to another. Read More

Anxiety & Depression Management through Regression Therapy and energy work

I started working with Pooja in February 2018, after trying multiple ways to solve my chronic and sometimes debilitating eczema issues over the last 17 years. Over the last year and half I’ve learnt Reiki and the Silva Method from Pooja Read More

Chronic Eczema Management through Regression Therapy & Energy healing

I lost my mother in 2003 and ever since then I had felt as if there was this big black hole inside where my heart used to reside. I went through life and had the usual ups and downs along with moments of happiness and even sadness but throughout it all I missed my mother. I wished I could share my joy with her. Read More

Handling loss of loved ones with Hypnotherapy

“Pooja is able to draw upon a rich variety of experience, expertise and healing techniques – both modern and traditional – in her work. She is generous with herself and her knowledge. The sessions I had were interesting, illuminating and healing. Even when things got tough, I knew I was in good hands. Thanks again for the work we did together – I often draw upon it in my continuing journey.

Regression Therapy and Energy Healing

I started my personal healing journey with Pooja in 2017 as a one-on-one client of hers. Since then, I have gone on to complete every course she has offered. Looking back, I am marvelled by the level of transformation I have been through as a result of my work with Pooja. Read More



Pooja’s biggest strength as a healer lies in her ability to navigate through multiple modalities to find the best pathways for you. I have gone to her at different points in my healing journey and have always come back with fresh insight, new uncomfortable truths to contend with, Read More

Spiritual healing with pooja

I took one to one healing session with Pooja for inner child therapy starting since this February 2020, and by June, I become like a new person now. This healing journey have been tough and I always felt like I would even get better ever again. Along the way, Read More

Dealing with loneliness and sadness

When a friend first suggested I meet with Pooja and mentioned she uses alternative forms of healing, I was unsure of what to expect. However, Pooja’s calm and positive demeanor, made me instantly comfortable and open to the idea of trying an unconventional approach. Read More

Emotional cleanse and Self Awareness

I would like to take this chance to share my appreciation and gratitude for Pooja’s personalized therapies plus her Reiki training course. As someone who pays a lot of attention to my inner world, and as someone who has a loving family who helps me on my journey, Read More

Dealing with Anger and Anxiety

I am so grateful to have met Pooja, Not only she is my Reiki teacher, she has helped my son with behavioural issues on energy scanning and healing. I took her advice to eliminate certain food from his diet, his behaviours have improved and I am amazed he even had outgrown his nasal allergy which he has been suffering since he was a baby. Being a mother, this is one of my greatest joys, I am also a firm believer in alternative medicines now.

Dealing with child’s behavioral issues and allergies

I am very grateful to have experienced Pooja’s gift in facilitating my inner child healing sessions. She used different techniques which were suitable to my situation. I could only say thank you to Pooja from the bottom of my heart for being part of my healing journey. 

Inner Child Healing Sessions with Pooja

I have done Reiki and Silva method training, and one-to-one sessions with Pooja. Her contribution to me has been priceless. Loads of insight and tools that are now part of my everyday life. A milestone in my personal development. Look no further.

Healing through Reiki and Silva

I absolutely love doing workshops with Pooja. There’s a calm in her and her space which makes me feel at ease and calm. I think she should continue on this journey to bring calm and a sense of well being to others. Stay blessed Pooja and Redefine Wellness

Reiki and Silva Workshops with Pooja

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” has never been more true for me. After trying many other therapies out there, I had just about given up on myself and on life when I chanced upon Pooja in March of 2021. I decided to try the hynotherapy and past life regression therapy to get to the root cause of my issues 🙂. I enjoyed my sessions so much I didn’t want them to end. For the first time in years I felt truly heard, unjudged, and experienced measurable progress. I learned that healing is a journey rather than a single event. Read More


I attended Reiki I with Pooja recently in Apr 2021. The workshop is simple to understand and to practice yet it’s so powerful. As a participant, you do not have to feel worried if you’re adept enough at picking up the skill, the only thing you HAVE to do is “turning up” and enjoy the process :). The workshop is more than a Reiki workshop to learn healing. The wisdom about life and spirituality imparted by Pooja are priceless. Read More

Deep healing through Reiki
Shin Shin

I have recently attended Pooja’s Reiki Level 1Workshop and it was simply amazing! I had a few brushes with reiki in the past but no one was able to explain it to me in a way that I can understand it. Pooja’s approach was scientific, Read More

Understanding Reiki Simply and Deeply !

I was introduced to Pooja through a friend and I have since been to a few workshops and sessions with her. Pooja is very passionate about what she does and that transmits through the way her sessions and classes are conducted. Read More

Healing with Reiki

I had been introduced to Reiki for the first time through Pooja. I must say it was a very calming, very effective introduction. Well explained and Pooja’s presence was felt. She was really there with you to listen, interact, answers whatever question you may have regarding Reiki. So patient and so pleasant to talk to. Considering attending more sessions about Reiki through ReDefine Wellness

Understanding Reiki simply and effectively

Attended Reiki workshops here 2 years ago and recently. Pooja is highly recommended to learn from. Thank you for changing my life.

Changing My Life with Reiki

I attended the Silva 4 day retreat with Pooja here. Pooja is an amazing coach and the group meditation sessions were really very powerful. I managed to muster up the courage and take a couple of life transforming decisions within days. Would be rejoicing again.

Enabling Life Transformational Decisions with Silva Method

I attended the 4 day Silva workshop conducted by Pooja. The basic ideas sound simple – Silva methods allows us to relax and go into Alpha brain waves in a matter of seconds. Just imagine that calmness and mindfulness when you go about your days, Read More

Finding calm, healing diseases & tapping into intuition with Silva Method.

My husband and I completed the full 4 days of Silva Life and Silva Intuition Courses. In short this was truly life changing! Absolutely invaluable learning that I feel every child and human should learn. We are so deeply grateful to Pooja Arora Read More

Harnessing the power of the mind with Silva Method