Virtual Class

Refresh your Mind and Relax your Body with these Virtual Breath Meditation Series

Comprising of 4 intention-focused classes, these meditations offer a simple yet effective self-care regime to boost your mood and energy through out the week.

Join us for our virtual Breath Meditation Series to

  • Dissolve stress, tension and improve sleep
  • Boost your mood, energy and immunity
  • Create a calm and clear mind

Fees : $20 per session or $75 for 4 sessions

Every Monday (Starting 7th September 2020) 

Morning session   @ 10.00am to 11.00 am  or

Evening session    @ 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm

  • Session 1 : Renew your Nervous System to build Stamina
  • Session 2 : Energizer Breath Series
  • Session 3 : Desk Therapy – Relieve Pain on upper body, neck and shoulders.
  • Session 4 : Immune System Booster
Success Stories
  • I enjoyed the whole experience! I have been feeling so tired and unbalanced and left feeling happier and rejuvenated! I really enjoyed the mix of breathing exercises, stretching and meditations. As a scientist I also really appreciate the scientific explanation behind why things work. I enjoyed it all, particularly the part on learning about ourselves and the chanting meditations. 

  • The workshop is awesome, it explained the science of Kundalini Yoga very well. Every aspect of KY was captured (ie meditation, breathwork, exercises, mantras) and explained scientifically and also very experiential. I get to feel the whole body vibrating within and out and able to experience being my true self. 

  • The Kundalini Yoga workshop is really good! It gives me an understanding of the kundalini exercises that I do in class. I have gained a deeper insight to myself and how I can in tune to myself when I need to.

    My tension & pain in my shoulders & neck area has subsided a lot. The breathing techniques has helped to unblock the tension & bring healing to my body. Thanks Shirley for your amazing work & guidance!

  • The contents of the workshop is well covered. I enjoyed learning about the different types of breathing techniques and how to do it correctly. 

  • I enjoyed learning about the breathing techniques and their benefits as well as understanding more about Kundalini. It enables self-understanding and appreciation.


Experience sound therapy with singing bowls and gong to stimulate and balance the nervous system. This deepens relaxation, improves sleep, improves memory and concentration, intuition, removes blockages and toxins, purifies negative energies and emotions, promotes sense of balance and clarity.

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