Stress Meditation: Relaxation Techniques

The major reason why people have now started meditating is to reduce stress. Stress affects all of us in some way or the other, be it the case of our professional or personal lives. Stress is a permanent and indisputable element of our modern life, and so nowadays most people are trying to avoid or reduce it. Therefore, stress meditation is one of the ways to relax and calm the mind and reduce stress.

The following are the benefits of stress meditation

  • Stress meditation is natural and safe.
  • It helps to provide other positive health benefits that include: slowing down of the heartbeat, lowering the blood pressure and reducing the risk of future heart disease.
  • Practicing stress meditation on a daily basis helps to increase the levels of serotonin produced in the brain which in turn benefits the people who suffer from headaches, migraines and stress-related disorders.

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The first step in combating stress is to acknowledge it and allow time to make a few simple changes and make room for a few relaxation techniques. It does not matter if you are just looking for temporary relief and trying to ease your mind from any worry, but you will realize that applying stress meditation and related relaxation techniques can have a significant impact on your ability to manage stress and alleviate your mind of the daily worries that you have.

The following are a few relaxation techniques to help you relieve stress and find peace of mind:

  • Controlled breathing:

Breathing is known and used as an effective means of reducing stress and anxiety. For some reason, a well-oxygenated blood supply has a natural calming effect on the mind and body as well. Slow can have a positive impact on your body and help calm your mind almost instantaneously.

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  • Progressive muscle relaxation:

This is a process where you consciously go through each group of muscles and relax them to relive the body from any tension or worry. This is a great technique for those people who have demanding office jobs and don’t find time to relieve stress through normal regular exercise. When you feel stressed, take some time to practice progressive muscle relaxation. This technique can be practiced anywhere, even if you are in office. Just by moving your feet in a circular motion constitutes progressive muscle relaxation.

  • Feng Shui:

Feng Shui is an ancient tradition that centres on filling your home and life with peace and tranquillity through nature. It is difficult to explain the exact meaning of Feng Shui, but it mainly focuses on bringing the outdoors, indoors. The idea is to fill the house with things like plants, colours that represent peace and tranquillity and other aspects of nature such as the sound of running water.

There are many ways to alleviate stress naturally. Learn to become more aware of your stress and slowly incorporate a few natural healing mechanisms for stress and soon you will be feeling a whole lot better and calmer. Apply these stress relaxation techniques and learn how you can start living a stress-free life.

August 7, 2018
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