Transpersonal Regression Therapy

This course is recognised by the internationally acclaimed The Earth Association for Regression Therapy

TRT is a 6 module curriculum and helps students aspiring to be Regression Therapists get maximum practice during the One-year program.

Introducing the first ever Transpersonal Regression Therapy Certification in Singapore! This program gives a DIPLOMA IN TRTANSPERSONAL REGRESSION THERAPY and allows you entrance into EARTH (European Association for Regression Therapy), IPART (International Professional Association of Regression Therapists) and shortens the application process for IBRT (International Board of Regression Therapy).

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Transpersonal regression therapy (TRT) integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of our experience with the framework of modern psychotherapy. Regression is finding, exploring, reliving and clarifying past experiences. It is going back to the origin of problems and decisions and then healing and releasing what does not work for us. TRT helps us explore both our current life and our past lives to identify the source of issues and heal the root cause!

Through TRT can work in very broad scope, one area where it’s particularly useful is in the treatment of significant traumas – be it physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual. Regression therapy can, help understand and heal the trauma, release unwanted belief systems, patterns, behaviors – allowing the person to move forward.

This program is grounded and practical, but open minded towards whatever experiences people have. This differ from hypnotherapy programs in that we exclusively focus on regression and insight­ oriented therapy. We don’t do any reprogramming without first having explored the old programming and the reasons for it. And we differ from more ‘spiritual’ approaches in that we do not avoid reliving the painful stuff. We don’t go for enlightenment, but for catharsis and transformation.

The course is based on the new book of Hans Ten Dam: Deep Healing and Transformation.

So if you are a therapist and are looking at how to achieve a deeper healing results with clients or individual looking for a deep personal healing journey ..this may be right for you!

Brief Details and highlights of the Course :

The Diploma course is a 6-module curriculum and helps individuals aspiring to be Regression Therapists get maximum practice during the 18 months programme. The modules are designed and delivered progressively where skill-set enhancement is guaranteed. The content of the modules include:

Module 1 : Introduction to regression. Personification, aura exploration and regression as therapeutic tools

Module 2 : Accident Trauma Release, Inner Child, Natal & pre-natal Trauma

Module 3: Reincarnation patterns, life plan and life choices, Releasing Ancestral attachments, freeing from negative and difficult attachments

Module 4: Past Life Regression Therapy, Dealing with traumatic, hangover, painful lifetimes, Confused, overwhelming, unnoticed deaths.

Module 5: Karmic Lifetimes patterns, dilemmas, pre-human lifetimes, higher self-interventions.

Module 6: Core Issue exploration, transformation and integration, Homing Sessions

The course will be taught by internationally acclaimed speaker, writer, therapist and teacher, Hans Ten Dan ( in addition to other senior teachers in the school!

Common Question : Do I need to commit to add 6 modules upfront?

This is a 6 module course. Each Module is 5 days long and covers in-depth details of regression , past life regression and energy work.

And you can commit to the first module and then decide if you want to continue for the balance 5 modules.

Workshop Fee : $1500/Module


Discount of $100/module, so you pay $1400/module. This will be a savings of $600 for the course.

You only need to pay for one module ($1400) to secure the FULL early bird pricing. The balance modules will be paid for closer to module dates.

The modules are designed as under and skill-set enhancement is guaranteed.

Module 1 

  • Basic Skills of TRT
  • Structure of therapy
  • Personification and Aura-Exploration as induction techniques
  • Reliving, Regression and Catharsis as therapeutic tools
  • Group sessions

Module 2

  • Accident Trauma Release
  • Childhood Trauma and Inner Child work,
  • Natal and Pre-Natal Trauma experiences
  • Group sessions
  • Supervised practical exams

Module 3

  • Reincarnation patterns
  • Life Plan and Life Choices,
  • Parental and Ancestral Attachments
  • Freeing people from negative influences of difficult or strange attachments
  • Group sessions
  • Supervised practical exams

Module 4

  • Traumatic and Hangover Lifetimes
  • Painful and Limited Lifetimes
  • Confused, Unnoticed, Overwhelming Deaths;
  • Positive Lifetimes and Shy Lifetimes
  • Dealing cathartic ally with pseudo-obsess
  • Group sessions
  • Supervised practical exams

Module 5

  • Karma and Karmic Lifetimes
  • Karmic reactions, patterns and dilemmas
  • Pre-human Lifetimes
  • Higher Self Interventions
  • Lacing sessions
  • Group sessions
  • Supervised practical exams

Module 6

  • Great Integrations
  • Core Issue Exploration and Transformation
  • Homing Sessions.
  • Group sessions
  • Supervised practical exams

All modules are followed by mandatory supervised practice and internal assessments.

Graduation Requirements

You will receive a diploma when you have complied with our graduation requirements. These are adequate grades for:

The sessions on the last day of the seminars 2-­5

Between block 2 and 3: Take­home examination 1

Between block 3 and 4: Submitting first session report

Between block 4 and 5: Take­home examination 2

At the end of block 5: Third written exam about practical cases

Between block 5 and 6: Submitting second session report

Last day of block 6: case presentation of a therapy, consisting of at least 6 sessions regression therapy

Submissions: You will be required to submit all homework sessions, written examinations and one video recording of a case. (Everything will be explained in detail during the first module)

You will get your diploma once Dr. Hans Tend am or Marion Boon approve your grades at the end of all 6 Modules.

Diploma: Signed by Hans Tend am (TASSO International) and gives you entrance into  EARTh (European Association for Regression Therapy), IPART (International  Professional Association of Regression Therapists) and shortens the application  process for IBRT (International Board of Regression Therapy).

Affiliated with : Tasso International, Netherlands ,EARTH( European Association for Regression Therapy )

Duration : 18 Month

Hans Ten Dam —Teacher and founder. 

Hans is the founder of TASSO International Click Here 

He has been an independent management consultant since 1970. He graduated in psychology and pedagogy at the University of Amsterdam. Already during his study, he entered into management development. From management development he moved into conflict resolution and into redesigning organizations and then into corporate strategy. He did international consultancy in strategic planning and strategic management. He has lived and worked for some time in New Zealand and in Brazil. Being interested in the literature about reincarnation, he stumbled more or less by accident into regression therapy and found he had a knack for it. He wrote a couple of books, a.o. Exploring Reincarnation and Deep Healing. See for his strategic books his blog. He is training consultants and therapists in more effective coaching methods in Europe, Asia and South America. He works in Dutch, English.

Yuvraj Kapadia — Teacher and trainer

He studied clinical hypnotherapy under Dr. Sunny Satin in 2003 and embarked on his therapeutic career immediately thereafter. Though he came from a background in Microbiology and Business management, the human mind and its subtle intricacies became his focus. Since Past Life Regression had played a pivotal role in his own physical healing, he specialized in regression therapy and became one of India’s well-known regression therapists. His regression work has been covered by the media and a TV episode of a popular channel has also made its mark.

After meeting Hans Tendam during the 2nd WCRT in New Delhi, Yuvraj started exploring past life therapy. Since then, he has applied those techniques to innumerable clients and presented his work in a workshop format, both at the 3rd WCRT in Brazil and the 4th WCRT in Turkey and the 5th WCRT in Portugal. He has had clients from different cultures and works as a regression therapist in India, Middle East and Hong Kong.
He heads EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation; India’s first ISO certified training institution of its kind. The institution is a pioneer in the Integrated approach to Clinical hypnotherapy, having trained nearly 2000 therapists since its inception. It has a panel of 60 trainers who offer the curriculum in multiple cities in India as well as in Dubai, Muscat, Lebanon, Hong Kong and Nairobi. It has also piloted the entry of TASSO training program and Trisha Caetano Inner Child Training in India.

Success Stories

  • I was searching for a comprehensive and profound therapy course that supports and enriches my personal and professional mindset of a multidimensional reality and therefore healing on the deep layers of human consciousness and the psyche. The Tasso International Curriculum has it all and brings this requirement even to a new level of quality and expertise. I am always going for the best teachers I can find, and Hans and Marion are among them – definitely!’

  • ‘I chose the Tasso International Program as I have had the good fortune of interacting and personally experiencing the work of Hans TenDam and Marion Boon at the 2nd and 3rd World Congress for Regression Therapy. I was deeply impressed by their direct and focussed approach and hence launched the Tasso Program in India with Marion under our institute CHII in 2009. As I was a hypnotherapy teacher already, teaching the Tasso Program was a logical extension. Hans stipulated that to teach the program, we need to do it twice. Hence, I repeated the curriculum in Germany.’

  • My brother Sven and I started training together in hypnotherapy and regression three years ago. He was looking for a profound program in the field of transpersonal psychotherapy. When he asked me for feedback on the Tasso International Program I got so thrilled reading it that I said to him: “This is one of the most profound and professional programs I have ever heard about. They cover all the known topics in the field of regression therapy in the curriculum, there is supervision, homework groups, own therapy, practice with clients… It sounds great! Whatever you may do, I will join this program!” And so both of us joined.’


How can hypnotherapy help me or my client through their fear, block or phobia?

Hypnotherapy distracts your conscious mind with relaxation so that you can discuss and come to an agreement with your subconscious mind, the centre of all your feelings, habits, and memories, about how you can productively handle situations that would usually cause intense moments of stress or fear. This allows deeper thoughts and feelings to come to the surface, helping you locate and essentially become uninterested with memories of past experiences to make the positive and permanent changes you desire.

By desensitizing old memories and habits–things you may not know are there, but that get in your way, that have emotionally blocked you for years–and creating positive responses and actions you can achieve permanent change.

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