Inner Child Integration Therapy

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This course is recognized by the internationally acclaimed The Earth Association for Regression Therapy.

For the first time in Singapore, ReDefine Wellness Academy presents Inner Child Integration Therapy training with Trisha Caetano, a renowned international trainer and pioneer in Inner Child and Regression Therapy. This Inner Child Integration Therapy Certification is recognized by EARTH (European Association for Regression Therapy).

Are you a Healing Practitioner or Therapist ….

  • Looking for a powerful healing tool or skill sets to deepen your practice and take you to a next level ?
  • Looking for advanced techniques that work with deeper issues (such as trauma, dissociative disorder, abuse ) healing which can result in a transformative change in your clients?

OR are you looking for deep healing personally…

  • Do you always feel you are not good enough, not confident enough, not fulfilled?
  • Not able to lose that extra persistent weight, going from one fruitfulness relationship to another?
  • Are you an over achiever who can’t seem to balance work and life or are you struggling to prove your worth at work? Do you feel you never have enough money or not as successful as others?
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Did you realize a lot of these feelings, perceptions and beliefs you have learnt or accepted as a child are now subconsciously running your life.

Inner child work is about recovering yourself, it’s about freedom, it’s about all that you might have been and now can be. Integration Therapy is about becoming whole, finding inner harmony and balance. We are no longer at war with ourselves, reacting to old programs, old belief systems and old coping structures. Healing our inner child creates awareness and wholeness so the life be

Whether you are a therapist seeking to enhance your skills or individuals who are seeking to rediscover and heal the hidden part of yourself… this course offers integration work that allows the therapist to move a client or yourself to explore deeper parts of the psyche.

Introducing the Inner Child Integration Therapy Training which allows us to address some of these deep issues. Pls see this video to get a understanding of the work :

Workshop Details
Training Modules
About the Trainer

Inner Child Integration Therapy Training allows us to address some of our deep issues. Whether you are a therapist seeking to enhance your skills or individuals who are seeking to rediscover and heal the hidden part of yourself, this training will be right for you!

So what is Inner Child?

Trauma in the childhood impacts the physical, mental and emotional responses of a person, creating reactive behaviors, physical responses that are dysfunctional and inappropriate in the adult life.

We now know that coping by denial, discounting or forgetting painful experiences does not resolve trauma or the resulting reactive responses. The mind has programmed the somatics, feelings, emotions and conclusions from these experiences. The body is prepared to respond immediately and unconsciously to a stimulus that is similar to the trauma. What starts out as a subconscious survival program in childhood too often results in illogical, immature or destructive behaviors as an adult. We lose conscious choice because we no longer know what we really feel or want in our present, adult lives. Whole parts of who we are become locked into the trauma of the past.

This work helps us release the parts of us that are locked in traumas of the past. It unlocks the path to making ourselves whole, of becoming who we truly are, of being our authentic Self.

How does the therapy work?

Regressing to the traumatic experiences reactive the repressed emotions and trapped energy frozen in the past trauma. A skilled therapist must know how to locate the trauma and help release this energy from the body, heal the emotional responses and reframe the mental conclusions.

Because these life scripts or beliefs, problems and patterns are repeated on many developmental levels, we approach resolution in many ways. It can be necessary to work at various age levels, the present, the past or prenatal and pari-natal levels.

The mental, emotional and physical levels often need to be explored to relieve symptoms. Therefore, various therapeutic models need to be used to completely heal the client.

You will be trained to help a client go deeply into their own experiences, using respect, safety and compassion for the person. A basic theme is to do your own work so you can sty in your center, connect with th client and at the same time allow the client their ow, total experience

Healing and protecting your own inner vulnerability, you can protect the vulnerable Inner Child parts of another person during the process. The greater variety of skills you learn, the more you are able to help yourself and your clients integrate and transcend into wholeness.

The Training Program

This is an experiential training program, with 6 modules, over 18 months. Each module is 6 days ( with a break day in between) and there are supervised practise days build in between modules.

The program is a combination of lectures, case studies, supervised practises, role-playing, demonstrations and group work. This allows you to lean multitude of therapeutic practises and experience them both as a client and as a therapist.

The techniques and the way its taught it filled with compassion, respect and safety as we are dealing with vulnerable parts of self and others!

What’s key is that the program allows you to go through your own self-healing, as you are learning to be a therapist. As your own triggers neutralizes and you heal yourself, you can hold space and be respectful of you clients inner child and lead them through their healing process!

This is a 18 month training program.

  • Modules 1-3 focuses on learning the Inner Child techniques, experiential processes, information and practice for your own healing as you acquire basic tools.
  • Modules 4-6 focuses on developing your skills and healing ability with advanced Inner Child techniques and integrating other therapeutic paradigms for deep healing.

Workshop Fee : $1500/Module


  • Discount of $100/module, so you pay $1400/module. This will be a savings of $600 for the course.
  • You only need to pay for one module ($1400) to secure the FULL early bird pricing. The balance modules will be paid for closer to module dates.

Module 1-3

  • How childhood experiences are locked into the physical, mental emotional and spiritual system of a person, controlling their adult behavior
  • Basic methods for Inner Child work and healing
  • The five stages of a therapeutic session
  • Survival strategies and coping structures
  • Interview techniques specific to Inner Child therapy
  • Perpetuating pain in the abuse triangle
  • Compassionate and effective ways to work with trauma
  • Boundaries and personal and professional ethics
  • Bridging between the present and the past
  • Methods for working within the regressed state
  • Child development
  • Roles in dysfunctional families, acting these roles out in adult relationships
  • Working through fear and resistance
  • The healing process and integration
  • Closure methods
  • Inner and outer Voice Dialogue specific to Inner Child work

Module 4-6

  • Understanding physical, emotional and psychological abuse
  • Sexual abuse, incest
  • Working compassionately with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Methods of body work with the abused child
  • Reclaiming denied and ‘lost’ body parts
  • Working with energy to heal the body and mind
  • Dissociation, getting the client to connect
  • Resolving anxiety
  • Co and Counter dependent development
  • Wounded children in adult relationships
  • Sexuality and coping defenses in relationships.
  • Healing adult dysfunction, creating positive adult relationship
  • Techniques for working with addictions
  • Working with dissociative disorders
  • Sibling relationships, sibling abuse
  • Working with the ‘inner’ and outer teenager
  • Psychosyntheses, ego positions, scripts and masks
  • Non dominant hand work, inner and outer expression
  • Creating and using healing metaphors
  • Discovering and integrating the ‘Shadow’
  • Causes of spiritual abuse, reclaiming the Spiritual Self
About Trisha

Trisha Caetano received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon and continued her studies at Portland State University. She studied ClientCentered Therapy under Carl Rogers at U.C.S.D. and has a background in Regression Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Psychosynthesis.



Trisha is internationally known as a pioneer in Inner Child Integration and Regression Therapy and has given trainings for medical doctors, psychologists and psychotherapeutic professionals in numerous countries. She was twice elected President of The Association for Regression Research and Therapies Inc., a world wide organization of professionals from 23 different countries with nearly 1,000 members. The organization was focused on using regression therapy as a therapeutic tool in healing. Prior to her presidency, she was the director of their training team to certify therapists in regression therapy and was part of the three member training team for the first medical training done by Brian Weiss in the United States.


Having worked primarily in the United States, Trisha was invited to come to the Netherlands in 1990 to do a graduate training in regression therapy for professionals. In a demonstration during the training, she included Inner Child work in the healing and integration part of the session. Seeing this, students and graduates wanted a more in-depth training so the first Inner Child Integration Therapy Training was started in the Netherlands in 1994. Trisha pioneered this paradigm and she continues to offer training world wide.


In Europe, the prestigious international organization for professional regression therapists, the Earth Association for Regression Therapy, EARTh, has given her the Honorary Life Membership award for her world wide contribution to regression therapy.


Trisha has travelled extensively offer presentations and training in England, Japan, Australia, Portugal, Turkey, India, New Zealand and the United States. She has given keynote speeches in numerous countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Dubai, India, Japan and the United States.


International companies have hired Trisha to provide consulting, training in communication and conflict resolution and professional training workshops.


Published in professional journals, newsletters and magazines internationally, Trisha has been featured on national and international television and radio programs. She is known as a vibrant and knowledgeable presenter, educator and trainer in the fields of interpersonal and transpersonal development.

She brings energy, humor, insight and empathy to her work.


graduation-hug-cropped “I never planned any of this! Institutes, schools and individuals simply heard about what I was doing and invited me to do trainings, seminars, lectures and workshops for their centers all over the United States.

Individuals from other countries attending these presentations began to invite me to the institutes in their countries to do trainings, workshops, seminars and lectures for them. Since my one addiction is travel, it worked for me!

More important, as I began to travel and experience other cultures, different ways of thinking, unfamiliar viewpoints and family systems, I was forced to stretch who I was to be able to encompass these different realities.

Working in Europe in countries where they were invaded and taken over by a foreign country created a generational impact with issues of shame, rage, sorrow, guilt and powerlessness to a degree that I did not find in the United States. Although I had worked with Vietnam veterans and post-traumatic stress disorder, it is different when your homes are invaded and your women violated.

Working with people who had been in prisoner of war camps in Indonesia or Germany made it necessary for me to understand and create new models of how to work with this kind of impacted trauma.

Understanding and not judging people from countries with primarily arranged marriages or places where repression of woman was ‘normal’; this was a big step for me. Seeing how marriages functioned when they were based not on love but on other cultural priorities stretched my awareness.

I am deeply thankful for the many gifts given to me by individuals from these many countries. It has grounded my nonjudgmental therapeutic approach. It has taught me understanding and compassion. These gifts I carry with me through my life.”

Success Stories
  • When I joined, the  Inner child healing workshop, I thought I am adding one more powerful technique to my therapist kit. However I was pleasantly surprised to find this emerging as my “brahmastra”,  every time this works, even for those clients who before resisted or denied, have moved on taking responsibility for their lives with IC work. Yes it works so deeply  & brilliantly ,yet amazingly with breeze like very simple technique. And Trisha uses Socrates way of teaching, she is wonderful trainer, I feel blessed to watch her run the class with so much compassion yet with firm boundaries and distinctions.

  • This training most deeply impressed me.  I have learned so much from Trisha Caetano.  Explaining theory she is simple and clear.  I can understand and agree with her theories.  I feel like things I already learned have deepened and integrated through the training.  I believe that this training has taken me to the next level as a clinical psychologist.

  • I feel very grateful having had you as a teacher. Your way of working with people and the opening to traumas and the possibility of the Inner Child to work with that trauma in a healing way has helped me a lot. You touched my heart.  The Inner Child training still goes on in finding more and more my way to work with it for myself and for my clients.

  • Trisha’s ability to handle the group, maintaining variety and interest, spontaneous demos, resolving group issues, going so deep without being invasive has been a total learning experience. Trisha is an inspiring teacher with warmth, integrity, love and humor.  She is a living example that encourages me to live through it all and become a living example myself.

  • Knowing myself has been the most important thing I have been learning in the past few months with you. It has been a wonderful process, getting to meet this unknown me!

  • I use the practice and skills Trisha has taught me but it is her attitude that will guide me as clinical psychologist in the future.   She has taught me to respect the client, to be ‘present’ with him or her using compassion and love.

For the first time in Singapore, ReDefine Wellness Academy presents Inner Child Integration Therapy training with Trisha Caetano, a renowned international trainer and pioneer in Inner Child and Regression Therapy. This Inner Child Integration Therapy Certification is recognized by EARTh (European Association for Regression Therapy).

Are you a Healing Practitioner or Therapist ….

  • Looking for a powerful healing tool or skill sets to deepen your practice and take you to a next level ?
  • Looking for advanced techniques that work with deeper issues (such as trauma, disassociative disorder, abuse ) healing which can result in a transformative change in your clients?
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