Therapist Training Academy

Inner Child Integration Therapy


We are multidimensional, conscious beings with many levels of awareness, ego states, patterns and life events active at any given moment in time. We also have an innate drive, an instinct towards wholeness, integration and balance.

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Transpersonal Regression Therapy


Our program is grounded and practical, but open minded towards whatever experiences people have. We differ from hypnotherapy programs in that we exclusively focus on regression and insight­oriented therapy.We don’t do any reprogramming..

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Past Life Regression Therapy


Within each of us appears to reside the events of past lives. A migraine, chronic lower back pain or knee problem may be telling a story from an old accident or wound. A chronic sore throat may derive from strangling, hanging or choking.

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Reiki Teacher’s Training


Reiki Master’s Teacher training is an enormous personal commitment, both in terms of the actual deepening of your knowledge of Reiki, but also as a pathway to personal growth. Most people find Master’s training immensely rewarding but few complete the training without facing some challenges.

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