Regina Phalange, Wellness Therapy

Before I met Pooja, I had spent 5 years going in and out of depression; feeling an overwhelming sense of numbness and the desire for anything that could help me make it from one day to the next. During that time frame I was going on and off medications, from one psychologist to another, from one country to another. What I realized from working with a ton of psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors was that none of them could give me a solution to my problem. Yes, their methods helped but I never dealt with the root cause of my problems and therefore found myself in a recurring loop of misery.
Up until that point, I had never tried or even thought about trying to solve my problems via holistic healing modalities. Then one day after desperately reaching out to a friend for help, she recommended I meet Pooja and try out alternative healing. Thankfully I listened and since then my life has changed in its entirety. Working with Pooja has seen me uncover the root cause of my pain and sadness as I have somehow found the courage to deal with some very difficult personal issues. The results have seen me make lasting changes to my life such as laugh more, change jobs, move homes and become a lot healthier mentally as well as physically.
What sets Pooja apart from other therapists is the range of different holistic healing modalities she has mastered. Her knack for knowing when to use what as well as how to fuse techniques together to suit your individual needs, makes her an expert at solving any kind of problem you may face in life. As a person she is easy to talk to and trust and her non-judgmental nature makes her an ideal therapist for anyone.
19th Century psychiatrist Carl Jung said “who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.” Pooja’s gift in life is her innate ability to get people to look inside with kindness and compassion for themselves. I am grateful for the awakening that has followed my work with Pooja and I hope everyone will be as fortunate as I have been, to have found the perfect guide for spiritual wellness.

September 17, 2018

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