HS, Smoking Cessation with Regression Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Today is exactly my 6th month free from cigarettes. And I can’t be happier to call myself an ex-smoker or non- smoker. For years I have tried several different methods to quit. From Allen Carr to other hypnosis, to gums or just plain cold turkey. I would last a few days and I‘d always find my way back to cigarettes.

Deep down, i knew I was smoking to escape certain emotions but didn’t know how to find a way out . And with each passing day, I was feeling more worried about the ill effects cigarettes would have on my health.

Exactly 6 months back, I went for Pooja’s 5 day hypnotherapy session. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the sessions but I went with full faith and trust that I was in Pooja’s good hands. I have to say the sessions I did with Pooja were mind blowing as it cleared so many blockages I had in me. What amazed me was how the method allows one to really dig deep to find the root cause from any realm in the Universe. The sessions were intensive on my body but Pooja really helped me work through the healing process.

Since I completed the sessions, I have occasionally been around smokers but it has not affected me. I have to admit I do occasionally think about the smell of cigarettes or how it made me “feel good”, but I have never once felt the need to pick up a stick. What I do instead is to acknowledge the feeling or emotion and to clear it energetically on my own.

I can’t thank Pooja enough for being with me through this journey. Thank you for encouraging me to try this method out. You have helped me regain my health and life back and I will always be grateful to you for it.

August 3, 2020

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