Cass, Inner Child Therapy

A very lovely and cosy space filled with love and light. Attended the first module of Inner Child Therapy (facilitated by Pooja who is very mindful and patient) and was exposed to ideas and concepts that are beyond what classroom and society walls – they were truths that I needed to hear and accept to heal and I am glad I took this major step in taking responsibility for my own healing. I may not be fully responsible for what happened to me but the choice to heal myself belongs fully to me.

Learning more about trauma and the wounded inner child has helped me to see what repressed emotions I may have and highlighted aspects of my life and self that were out of alignment. I went on to attend Kundalini Yoga and Sound healing classes led by Shirley and I have not looked back since. They brought about a lot more awareness and understanding and are integral in shedding light on aspects of my self that require more compassion and healing – this also changes the way I relate to the world and to the people around me. As each session can bring up a lot of “debris”, it can be tough (especially if the ego and body are resisting) but Shirley is very loving, patient, honest, supportive and nurturing and through her, I am learning to love myself better and heal the parts of me that are wounded.

Thank you both for creating this space and sanctuary; I am forever glad <3

August 3, 2020

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