Nidhi Bhandari, Chronic Eczema Management through Regression Therapy & Energy healing

I started working with Pooja in February 2018, after trying multiple ways to solve my chronic and sometimes debilitating eczema issues over the last 17 years. Over the last year and half I’ve learnt Reiki and the Silva Method from Pooja which have equipped me with the tools to deal with triggers in my life. The 1-1 sessions we’ve had (about 6) with energy work and regression therapy have also helped me tremendously. I am 99% cured and my allopathic and naturopathic Doctors, both have been shocked with the speed of my recovery. My food intolerances have also gradually reduced and I have been able to enjoy some “normalcy” in my life once again. More importantly, the biggest gain has not just been to my physical self, but to my spiritual self. I feel more connected to who I am and what I want out of life. This was an absolute extra I wasn’t anticipating beyond curing my illness. I can’t thank Pooja enough for guiding me through this journey.

June 22, 2019

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