Silva Mind Method Workshops

The Silva Method is a self-empowerment & mind development program. It is scientifically proven, step-by-step process of developing and using your mind to live a life of experience,regain your health, attract success & abundance, make effective decisions by awakening your intuition and creativity, improve your relationships and live the life of your desires and designs.

Silva Life System
Awaken The Hidden Power Of Your Mind

Founded in 1960 with humble beginning self-taught parapsychologist Jose Silva developed ‘Silva Mind Control’ to help his children do better in school and increase their chances of success in life. Since then, this dynamic meditation technique has evolved into a sophisticated mental training program that is offered in seminars in over 129 countries around the world.

Considered the original and most imitated meditation program in the U.S., The Silva Method teaches students specialized guided imagery techniques to rewire their subconscious and negative programming, tap into their true potential and achieve their goals.

At one hand, the tools in Level 1 , Silva Life System, can help you manifest your goals for ‘physical healing’, professional success, relationships, dealing with strong emotions, sleep management, smoking management, weight loss, habit control etc, basically anything you need to make happen in your life.

On the other hand, as we deepen with the Level 2,  Silva Intuition System, we discover our connection with Source, awaken our intuition, connect with our purpose and understand how are we in ‘flow’ with the universe. This helps us to tap into our subconscious mind, to understand how to manifest a purposeful and meaningful life.

Realize Your Full Potential and Live the Life of Your Design
Artists Enhance Creativity And Focus With Silva

Notable students include the opera singer Marguerite Piazza, singer Vicki Carr, and actresses Loretta Sweet and Carol Lawrence, the first live theater actress to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Best-selling author, Richard Bach, credits the Silva Method for the inspiration to help him finish his iconic book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which sold over a million copies and was featured on the cover of TIME magazine.

Businesses Train Employees In Silva Method

Top corporations including RCA Records, Green Mountain Coffee, and The Arnold Agency report amplified creativity, improved business management, enhanced motivation, better health, higher work attendance, and better stress management.

“Silva demonstrates that there is no limit to what the mind can do.”

Robert Stiller, CEO of Green Mountain Coffee

World Class Athletes Use Silva Method For Physical Excellence

“The Silva Method helped me with my concentration, and it helped me to relax before the pressures of a game,” stated Russell “Bucky” Dent, a baseball player with the Chicago White Soc named Most Valuable Player at the 1978 World Series.

To this day, many world-class athletes use the principles of The Silva Method to visualize their desired outcomes, improve focus, and keep their minds and bodies in optimal condition.

Healthcare Professionals Integrate Silva Principles Into Mind-Body Healing Regimens

“The most powerful single tools that I have to offer patients,” said Dr. O Carl Simon-ton, founder of the Simon-ton Research Institute, for imagery therapy.

Professor Clancy D. McKenzie, founder of the American Mental Health Association, is also known to have used Silva techniques to aid his patients.

Top Personal Growth Leaders Inspired By Silva

“Anything with the name Jose Silva as an author has my vote before I open to page one,” said Wayne Dyer, well known personal growth author and teacher. “It allows you to tap into a deep storehouse of knowledge and wisdom,” according to Shakti Gawain, who credits Silva for inspiring her best-selling book, Creative Visualization.

Our core program, The Silva Life System, is the first step to mastering your Mind and your Life.

Silva Life System teaches scientifically proven techniques that differ significantly from the traditional, passive form of meditation. Silva’s active form of meditation in the alpha brainwave state enables you to tap more of your brain’s potential, to spark tangible, profound, and lasting change. The Silva Method is exercise for your mind. It literally conditions your mind and thoughts to work for you instead of against you.

Imagine :-

  • Gaining accurate guidance to make important life decisions
  • Mastering stress
  • Sleeping without the use of drugs and waking fully rested
  • Creating richer connections in your relationships
  • Improving your memory
  • Managing and transforming pain
  • Expanding your learning capacity
  • Activating the power in your mind to manifest goals
  • Tapping into a limitless storehouse of information in your mind
  • Getting a “gut feeling” or a vivid plan of action that rockets you towards your goals
  • Being in calm and relaxed state of mind 24X7 not just for the time you sit down to ‘meditate’.
  • Learning creative visualization & manifestation which allows you to create a life of your design.
  • easily accessing your sub-conscious mind and  healing from past and current issues at a deep-rooted level

Though using meditation and imagery to manifest goals is not a new idea, being successful at it may often be an issue. At Silva, we understand that a major key is overcoming personal barriers, those self-limiting habits and beliefs. It’s not just about what you want; it is about what’s stopping you and how to rise above it!

Silva Life System is a power tool in your healing and manifesting journey. The hands-on experiential sessions reinforce the theory and techniques learnt, thus ensuring full benefit from the workshop.

In this workshop we teach you not only HOW to manifest your desires, but also HOW to rewire yourself to rise above your self-limiting thoughts! Basically it’s making your mind work harder for you to heal yourself and achieve your goals.

Workshop Fees :

Silva Life System : $600

Silva Intuition System : $600

Silva Immersion (Life + Intuition) : $1200

Early bird for IMMERSION ( 2 weeks before course date) : $1080

Workshop duration : 2 full days (Silva Life or Silva Intuition) or 4 full days (Silva Immersion),  9:30am-6:30pm

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