Kids Reiki

Giving your children the gift of Reiki is really a life long gift of healing and self-responsibility.

Reiki works on many levels as it is essentially an energy balancing tool. Often when we get ill or injured it is because we are run down, stressed and out of balance. When we recharge with Reiki we are bringing our body back into equilibrium, and when we are balanced we are energized, our immune system is strong, and we have clear focus. Many parents have told me that Reiki has helped their children sleep, become calmer!

A Kid’s Reiki course is a one day workshop with more focus on play then lecturing. The time is given to allow each of the four attainments time to settle and the rest of the day is given to ‘Reiki’ play, games, interactive Reiki sessions, arts and craft.

Its important that at least one parent has Reiki as questions always come up. They learn very basic Reiki techniques as children are much more intuitive and we don’t expect them to carry out a regular or disciplined self-treatment.  However most of the kids do use their Reiki to self-sooth, to help themselves get to sleep and also when they hurt themselves or have aches and pains.

The basic agenda is:

  • Introduction to energy and Reiki
  • Reiki History
  • Self-treatment
  • Reiki plants, animals, crystals, water, food
  • Reiki others, first aid and scanning techniques
  • Introduction to Chakras
  • Story telling on thoughts

Children aged 6 to 12 (13 and above can attend the adult class). The prerequisite is that the child wants it themselves, and that one of the parents/ caregivers already has Reiki so that there is home support available.

Next Kids Reiki Workshop

Date 19th September
Time 10am – 4pm
Course fees $250/ Child; 10% sibling discount

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