Inner Child Regression Workshop


Our past affects the present. Trauma in growing up years impacts the physical, mental and emotional responses of a person, creating reactive behaviors, physical responses that may be inappropriate in adult life. And these behaviours start affecting our relationship, whether its business or personal. Interestingly, what we adults think of trauma may not be the same as what we experienced as a child. Even though everything feels OK now, our child self may have reacted very differently in the circumstances! And we hold on to those emotions and belief systems which now run our adult life! The best way to identify it is to look to see if there are patterns in your life that are not working for you or not serving you! Those patterns likely come from these childhood ‘traumas’.

In personal and business situations that subconsciously trigger the family of origin, we can feel rage, sorrow, fear, helplessness and we do not understand why. We might have feelings of low self worth, loneliness, and feelings of powerlessness in our own reactive responses which may affect our relationships.

We now know that coping by denial, discounting or forgetting painful experiences does not resolve trauma or the resulting reactive responses.The mind has programmed the somatics, feelings, emotions and conclusions from these experiences.  The body is prepared to respond immediately and unconsciously to a stimulus that is similar to the trauma. What starts out as a subconscious survival program in childhood too often results in illogical, immature or destructive behaviors as an adult.  We lose conscious choice because we no longer know what we really feel or want in our present, adult lives.  Whole parts of who we are become locked into the trauma of the past.

Inner Child Integration Therpay work helps us release the parts of us that are locked in traumas of the past.  It unlocks the path to making ourselves whole, of becoming who we truly are, of being our authentic Self. And then help resolve the relationships by responding as a true self, communicating which gets you understood and creating boundaries.

This workshop is process oriented.  You will be using methods designed to help you go inward and access the disharmonious parts of yourself and understand what happened that you had to create unbalance.   It is about going inward to find and understand your true self.  It is about learning to make conscious choices instead of reacting to your patterns. It’s about rebuilding your relationship with self, to rebuild your relationship with others.

The workshop will be facilitated by 

    • Understanding What’s causing disharmony in relationships
    • Experiential Processes through Guided imagery
    • Drama Triangle & Inner and outer dialogues
    • Group interactive Processes
    • Energetic harmonizing and balancing
    • Using communication tools, muscle testing and energy work to understand and set positive boundaries


The facilitator will be Pooja Arora . Pooja is a certified trainer and practitioner for Inner Child Integration Therapy and has seen deep transformation within herself and others using this modality! To see some of her client stories you can click here

Upcoming Workshop 

Date /Time : Friday, 25th September @10.00am to 5.00pm
Fees : $250, Early bird $225 ( payment 2 weeks before)