Holistic Health Retreat

Depending on your intention, we design and customise the following retreats but not limiting to, to meet your needs  :

Healing Health & Wellness retreats

Rejuvenate and revitalize. Alternative, integrated healing and support to improve the state of your health through diet and nutrition.Emotional support to reverse effects of negative, subconscious patterns in creating the state of dis-ease. Yoga, meditation and energy work sessions.

Meditation Retreat

Individual and group meditation sessions for all levels – beginners to advanced; silent and guided meditations,self-inquiry, scheduled silent times (half a day or longer), group and personal sessions, conscious movement meditations, breath work and yoga.

Spiritual Growth / Awakening retreat

Join us in our spiritual retreats where you get to immerse in the beauty of nature, slow down and meander, relax and unwind your mind, restore your body and rejuvenate your soul.The retreats are customized for beginners or advanced practitioners of spirituality. If you are turning to spirituality to help you improve your life, to relax, to gain clarity and focus power, to trust yourself, to be more balanced, centered and grounded, to reduce stress, to find peace in your hectic world, to find and discover yourself, to advance your spiritual journey, and much more, join us in our Spiritual Retreats, where we offer program in locations that you will absolutely love!

The next retreat is planned for summer 2019. Please let us know your interest by emailing us at info@redefinewellness.asia. We will get back to you with details once we have finalized the retreats details, location and other logistics.

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