Fear & Phobias Management Clinic

This is a PERSONALIZED clinic where we will start with understanding your key issues and recommend how to best resolve it. We use a multiple of modalities, to holistically look at the root case and then address it at Mind, Body & Energy levels. We will use a FEW of the modalities below ( depending on your issues).

Energy : To balance your energies to relax and release fear

  • Reiki or another energy healing modality
  • Ancestral energy cleanse
  • EFT to manage the key emotions causing the pain
  • Oils and Crystals that can help harmozie your energy

Mind : To get to the root cause of what’s causing the fear

  • Simple meditation exercises to help reduce anxiety and panic
  • Hypnotherapy and Regression
  • Inner Child work, especially if the fear is from childhood incident.
  • Past Life Regression Therapy, especially if the fear is unexplained or sudden.

Body : To give your body the best opportunity to recover from fear/ phobia

  • Yoga exercises that help with managing that anxiety and panic
  • Breathing techniques that help you cope and relieve anxiety and panic

Depending on the intensity of the issue, we would recommend 4-6 sessions to resolve one issue.

Each clinic comes with a detailed at-home ‘Empower M.E.’’ package (may include audio, meditations, techniques etc)  which you can use to maintain your practises in-between the sessions.

Please Contact Us for further enquiries.

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