Demystifing Past Life Regression

Demystifying Past Life Regression

Every 1st Tuesday @7.30pm-9.30pm

Why would anyone want to visit a past life? Do past lives affect our current life? Do I even have a past life? How can I visit my past life? Can I get stuck in a past life if I go there? 

If you ever asked these questions, this talk will help answer and demystify Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT).

If you have any emotions or behaviour patterns, relationship issues, fears or phobias, unexplainable physical issues like pains, palpitations etc, limiting belief systems or unexplained emotional reactions, the root cause may very well lie in your past.

Past Life Regression Therapy helps address some of these issues by discovering and reliving past life experiences. These past lives may contain unhealed emotional wounds, imprint of physical traumas or limiting belief systems. The shadow of these energies may be continuing in the current life. 

By healing these past lives, it brings emotional and physical release, mental clarity and spiritual awareness. Regression therapy can help understand and heal the trauma, release unwanted belief systems, patterns, behaviours – allowing the person to move forward.

This talk clarifies how, by finding and reliving undigested experiences in past lives, one can unlock emotions and bring healing into the current life.

The effects of PLRT are numerous and often transformative. In our experience, PLRT can heal deeper and get quicker, more effective results  than many other therapeutic approaches. 

So if you are 

  • Currently a therapist who is looking to achieve deeper healing results with clients
  • Want to become a therapist to help transform your lives of clients or,
  • An individual looking for a deep personal healing journey and spiritual guidance

You may want to consider attending TransPersonal Regression therapy Training

In the talk we will also give you more information about how to explore PLRT  as a client for your own healing or become a certified TransPersonal Regression Therapist. 

For more details click here

For registration for the talk please contact Shirley Tay at +65-91992684 or Pooja Arora at +65-97276181

The dates are subject to changes pending on the COVID situation

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