Demystifing Past Life Regression

Demystifying Past Life Regression

Every 1st Tuesday from 7:30pm-9:30pm

Regression therapy is a form of therapy that is conducted to get in touch with your subconscious mind using emotions or hypnosis.

The approach helps the individual to get to the root of his unexplained behavioral and emotional problems by retrieving past events, including past lives. By discovering and reliving past life experiences that contain unhealed emotional wounds, he understands how his present life symptoms are caused and why he holds on to them.

Regression is finding, exploring, reliving and clarifying past experiences. It is going back to the origin of problems and decisions and then healing and releasing what does not work for us. Regression helps us explore both our current life and our past lives to identify the source of issues and heal the root cause!

Through regression can work in very broad scope, one area where it’s particularly useful is in the treatment of significant traumas – be it physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual. Regression therapy can help understand and heal the trauma, release unwanted belief systems, patterns, behaviours – allowing the person to move forward.

This talk clarifies how, by finding and reliving undigested experiences in past lives, the person can unlock emotions and bring healing into his current life.

This talk also introduces you to the TransPersonal Regression therapy Training in Singapore.

This program  gives a DIPLOMA IN TRTANSPERSONAL REGRESSION THERAPY and allows you entrance into  EARTh (Earth Association for Regression Therapy), IPART (International  Professional Association of Regression Therapists) and shortens the application  process for IBRT (International Board of Regression Therapy).

This program is grounded and practical, but open minded towards whatever experiences people have.This differ from hypnotherapy programs in that we exclusively focus on regression and insight­ oriented therapy. We don’t do any reprogramming without first having explored the old programming and the reasons for it. And we differ from more ‘spiritual’ approaches in that we do not avoid reliving the painful stuff. We don’t go for enlightenment, but for catharsis and transformation. The  course  is based  on the new  book of Hans  Ten Dam: Deep Healing and  Transformation.

So if you are a therapist and are looking at how to achieve a deeper healing results with clients or individual looking for a deep personal healing journey ..this may be right for you!

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For registration for the talk please contact Shirley at 9199 2684. or please contact Pooja Arora at +65-97276181


“It is an eye opening experience, so different from what I perceived.”
“Very insightful, I enjoyed the examples.”

These introductory talks are free to attend.

Upcoming Demystifying Past Life Regression Intro Talks Schedule

Date Time Register
1st September Tuesday, 7.30pm to 9.30pm Click here to Register
6th October Tuesday, 7.30pm to 9.30pm Click here to Register
3rd November Tuesday, 7.30pm to 9.30pm Click here to Register
1st December Tuesday, 7.30pm to 9.30pm Click here to Register

The dates are subject to changes pending on the COVID situation

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