Emotional Freedom Technique

October 13, 2016

Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan® is a way to raise self awareness and experience your highest consciousness.

It is considered as the most comprehensive of yogic traditions, combining physical exercises, breathing techniques, meditation, sound, hand poses, eye-focus and body locks to balance and strengthen your glandular and nervous system. It teaches the techniques and awareness to stay healthy in body and in mind, boost up your energy and uplift your spirit!

What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping ?

Millions of people are settling for lives filled with poor health and emotional baggage. Not knowing how to achieve the joyful and satisfying lives they desire, they are stuck accepting a lifestyle of emotional trauma, chronic physical pain, compulsions and addictions, or perhaps just an empty feeling inside. Along with these problems come pills to kill the pain, sleep at night, and suppress anxiety – but this is hardly better than the disease.

If you are like many people,  feeling trapped, caught in this cycle. You are tired of feeling sad, depressed, anxious, discontent, and unwell. You are sick of the expensive and ineffective treatments. You are fed up with relinquishing the power over your health and happiness to psychologists and doctors.

If you would like to grow, flourish, and thrive, putting the past away. You want to be your best, living a life that is filled with peacefulness, joy and fulfillment, from day to day and moment to moment.

With Tapping, you can achieve this! You can discover the vital secret for emotional wholeness and physical relief. You can take your physical and emotional well-being into your own hands. It’s simple for anyone to master, and it’s free.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple yet effective energy therapy to treat physical and emotional ailments. EFT is proven to be effective on a variety of health and psychological  issues, including anxiety or stress, fears and limiting beliefs. Studies have shown that EFT is able to rapidly reduce the impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional and even physical distress. Once the distress is reduced or removed, the body can often re-balance itself, and accelerate healing.

To learn more about the Science of EFT and how EFT works –Click Here

So what can we use EFT for?

EFT is also a premier tool to help you change your energy and manage your life better. Once you are able to release the emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back you can control what you attract into your life on every level, health, success, love and abundance, just to name a few.

EFT can be used for a variety of things, including :

  • All Emotional Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Headaches/Pain Management
  • Stress/Panic/Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Fear and phobias
  • Addictions/Eating Disorders
  • Children’s Issues
  • Sports and other Performance
  • Public Speaking
  • Weight Loss/Management
  • Attracting success and abundance in your life

Acupuncturists balance the energy system with needles, but with EFT you simply tune into the problem or issue by thinking about it. You then activate the meridian or acupuncture points by tapping on them to effectively release negative emotions and physical symptoms. At the end of the EFT session, you feel balanced and at peace.

What results and benefits can I get with EFT ?

  • Relieve Stress and/or Anxiety
  • Feel Calmer and Think More Clearly
  • Improve Your Self Image
  • Push Through Your Comfort Zone
  • Increase Your Energy and Productivity
  • Control Cravings
  • Sleep Better

Once you are able to release the emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, you can control what you attract into your life on every level, health, success, love and abundance, just to name a few.

Accredited EFT Tapping workshops

Experience EFT (One day workshop)

In this workshop, you will learn how to use EFT to improve and raise your energy by changing your emotions and beliefs to manifest and achieve what you need with more joy, peace and ease!In this one day workshop, you will learn :

You will learn 3 simple steps with EFT  to release the unwanted emotions and stress to achieve a state of calmness and clarity within minutes.

  • Identify and release the  causes of negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Increase your vitality and productivity
  • Break through limitations and fears to achieve personal and professional goals
  • Transform and elevate your energy to increase your abundance and magnetize success, happiness and abundance into your life

We will learn the first application for EFT on the first day : EFT for Happiness

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to apply 3 simple steps to achieve more clarity and feel more happiness with ease and peace!

Experience & Apply EFT (Two day workshop)

This workshop expands your EFT experience from the first day. Even through with first day  you can use EFT powerfully and in so many ways, the second day deepens your understanding into EFT and its use in the healing process.  

  • We go more in to depth regarding psychological reversal (PR).  This is a vital aspect of EFT as it can block it working completely.  Knowing this will significantly help you clear and deal with issues which may have felt ‘stuck’ for a long time.
  • We find out how to use EFT to create our dreams and achieve our goals. We learn why things often don’t happen the way we want them to!  We understand why affirmations often appear not to work and what we can do about it.
  • We learn ways to find core issues – the real causes of our problems and limitations.  This makes the EFT healing process much more efficient, and is sometimes vital in resolving our issues completely.

The second day deepens your EFT understanding by applying to few specific problems :

  1. EFT for Abundance
  2. EFT for Happiness and Wellness
  3. EFT for your personal limiting beliefs

What Will I Learn?

  • You will know how to structure your EFT starting sentences.
  • You will get hand-outs to help you create your own EFT starting sentences.
  • You will know how to measure your before- and after EFT results.
  • You will get hand-outs to help you measure your own EFT results.
  • You will know the basic EFT meridian trigger points needed to create positive results.
  • You will know the real reason why EFT works (you don’t want to miss this lecture).
  • You will do a real EFT session and remove physical pain.
  • You will do a real EFT session and remove emotional pain.
  • You will do a real EFT session to get motivated and inspired.

So, if you are ready to take charge of your emotions, release limiting beliefs and create life of your desire, this exciting workshop is for you! It provides you with proven superb practical tools that will show you fun, easy ways to shift your beliefs and your energy so you can create more success in all areas of your life!

Who is the target audience?

  • This workshop is for people who want to learn how to tap away blockages that prevent you from experience life to the fullest.
  • This workshop is for energy healers, such as Reiki Masters, coaches, therapists and those interested in the Emotional Freedom Technique.
  • This workshop is great for those with chronic physical pain or those with emotional issues they want to clear once and for all.
  • This technique can be applied to various levels of healing, including sadness, trauma and many more.

Workshop Fees :

Experience EFT (one day): $260

Experience and apply EFT (two days) : $480

Workshop duration : Saturdays & Sundays 10am – 5pm

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If you are looking for more information or schedule for EFT for Children Click Here.

Angeline Lim, EFT Healing, 2013

I had a fear and this particular fear started from my childhood. I am a proactive person, who takes charge of changing whatever that is to be changed in my life. I would read books, go to deep moments of soul searching, meditation and thought I can release my own fear. But I realize despite so many methods I tried,

it was still there getting much of my attention and affecting my relationships with everyone.

There was one day when I come to know about ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’. I am not sure how it would help, but a voice within me nudges me to accept this guidance.

The greatest gift besides knowing about EFT, is to have the chance to meet Shirley Tay. She is one the few rare practitioners of EFT in Singapore and if not for her, I really have no idea where to look for someone who knows EFT to guide me. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This is so well said. I truly believe she is god-sent and our paths crossed for a beautiful reason. Her gifted skills to heal and serve have shown me a way and I am truly thankful for her existence in my life.

From the 2 EFT sessions with Shirley, I would say she is very dedicated, very professional, very knowledgeable and extremely caring. I feel so comfortable communicating with her. It’s actually not easy for me to tell a stranger this past but in front of Shirley, the communication was so natural. She connected to me like a friend who was there to share my problems and she assures me she is always here to listen.

I would like to say it’s really important to find ways to release our emotional wounds or stress because it’s really not beneficial for our well-being to try to ‘keep’ or ‘ignore’ them. I believe Emotional Freedom Technique is one of the latest methods to address both the health and emotional issues.

Thank you Shirley, you have literally ‘saved’ me. You are a blessing to mankind and I send my greatest wishes and prayers to you for your gift to heal and serve to shine a light in everyone’s life.

We look forward to seeing you for one of the classes or workshops soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us .

Venue for all classes & workshops : Redefine Wellness, 333B Beach Road. Level 3, SG 199563

Upcoming Workshop Dates for Emotional Freedom Tapping

Date Time Register
Experience EFT

3rd November, 2018

10am – 5pm Click here to Register
Experience and apply EFT

3rd & 4th November, 2018

10am – 5pm Click here to Register

If you are looking for more information or schedule for EFT for Children Click Here.

Managing Emotions for Kids

October 13, 2016

Among the most well-known types of yoga are Hatha yoga and Rāja yoga.