Shirley’s Client Stories

June 9, 2020


Ellotte Lim, Past Life Regression Therapy

ReDefine Wellness (Shirley Tay) helped me tremendously in a few sessions (past life regression) to help rediscover my life path, deeper purpose, gifts and to release toxic ties, energies and negativity for a clearer, calmer spirit and to point me in the right direction. I highly recommend Shirley as a great teacher, facilitator and spiritual friend and help. She is highly intuitive, patient, very professional and a fantastic, empathetic listener.

If you feel lost, unsure about changes in your physical and metaphysical well-being and/or are seeking spiritual growth and advice, Shirley is the go-to person! I rate ReDefine Wellness 5 out of 5 stars, every session is precious and highly insightful because Shirley is just that good at what she does. 🙂

SC Wang, Emotional Freedom Technique

I’m amazed with the effectiveness of the Emotional Freedom Technique after attending the workshop! Shirley explained the concept and steps in administering EFT very clearly and with the appropriate essential oils, we were able to reduce the intensity of our emotions and even unload some of our emotional baggages after several rounds of practice!

I find EFT a very useful and practical tool that empowers us to deal with stressful and challenging moments. Shirley is very patient throughout the session, she addressed all our questions to ensure that everyone learned the technique correctly. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn a tool to manage their emotions in a safe and quick way!

Felice Bakker, Past Life Regression

I saw Shirley for the first time in June 2018 for a past life regression and have since been 4 times. I live in Jakarta and have flown to Singapore just for my sessions. Each session is unique – Shirley adapts them to my needs, always asking me at the start of the session what I want out of it. She adapts her strategies throughout the session to ensure that I get the answers that I am looking for. I always leave with incredible insights, as well as tools to integrate into my every day life. I highly highly recommend seeing Shirley, even for one session – you will not leave disappointed and will learn so much about yourself. Shirley is an incredibly warm, passionate and gifted person and I will continue to see here for many years to come.

York Cheng Tan, Past Life Regression

Shirley guided my patiently through a past life regression experience. She spent a good one hour before the session asking questions about my insecurities, worries and life beliefs, which would then form the objectives of the PLR. During the session, she guided to bring some significant memories of my past life to light that helped shed some insights to the issues that I was grappling with. At the end of the session, she asked questions to lead me to confirming my life purpose and cast away some of unfounded worries in life. Indeed a rewarding and life changing experience with Shirley!

Sherene faith Seet, Past Life Regression

This all beings with the past life regression workshop purely to have an intention to find a medical condition that i experience that couldn’t be explained. 1 thing lead to another, i met Shirley & was introduced to Kundalini Yoga then Chakra meditation then Past life regression therapy. Shirley is such a wonderful & genuine teacher from Kundalini to chakra meditation to sound healing she never fail to listen, guide & share with her extensive knowledge without judgment. Every session has a different layer of healing, cleansing & growth in terms of spirituality & wisdom. In the past 6 months, i have experienced healing of serials unexplainable medical conditions, months of throbbing pain on my ring finger, 5 torturing menstrual cycles causes by endometriosis & 8 months of intermittent rashes with no medicine could help to ease but sound healing had taken all that away. I will continue my past life regression therapy experience in the next review. As i didn’t realize how much i had writen.

Maybelline Tan, Past Life Regression Therapy

Shirley is patient, calming and created a really trusting environment that allowed me to go into my deep state. The experience was something I never expected, eye opening and deeply healing. I am very thankful for this wonderful experience, feeling refreshed like a newborn. The results of the Past Life Regression Therapy was so amazing! No more heart palpitation or chest symptoms anymore! I am very grateful to Shirley for this.

Emma C, Innerchild Therapy

I went to Shirley for therapy to resolve past emotional issues which indirectly affected my romantic relationships currently. The session with Shirley was both a useful and enjoyable one. She spoke in a calm paced manner and skillfully applied techniques to facilitate the revisit through my own subconscious mind. She assisted me to identify and heal my unresolved emotional issues from my childhood and the earlier part of my life which affected my perspective towards romantic relationships currently. Overall, it was a great experience with Shirley’s expertise and professionalism. Would recommend this to anyone who is facing a recurring problem that they wish to resolve in their life.

Tang Serping, EFT

I am totally new and have no prior knowledge of EFT. I must say I was very impressed to experience the instant results from the tapping during the EFT workshop . The release was instantly observed and it was felt both during and after the session. Thank you Shirley for the wonderful experience. It is truly a therapy that will be extremely beneficial to all !

Angeline Lim, EFT Healing

I had a fear and this particular fear started from my childhood. I am a proactive person, who takes charge of changing whatever that is to be changed in my life. I would read books, go to deep moments of soul searching, meditation and thought I can release my own fear. But I realize despite so many methods I tried,it was still there getting much of my attention and affecting my relationships with everyone.There was one day when I come to know about ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’. I am not sure how it would help, but a voice within me nudges me to accept this guidance.

The greatest gift besides knowing about EFT, is to have the chance to meet Shirley Tay. She is one the few rare practitioners of EFT in Singapore and if not for her, I really have no idea where to look for someone who knows EFT to guide me. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This is so well said. I truly believe she is god-sent and our paths crossed for a beautiful reason. Her gifted skills to heal and serve have shown me a way and I am truly thankful for her existence in my life.

From the 2 EFT sessions with Shirley, I would say she is very dedicated, very professional, very knowledgeable and extremely caring. I feel so comfortable communicating with her. It’s actually not easy for me to tell a stranger this past but in front of Shirley, the communication was so natural. She connected to me like a friend who was there to share my problems and she assures me she is always here to listen.

I would like to say it’s really important to find ways to release our emotional wounds or stress because it’s really not beneficial for our well being to try to ‘keep’ or ‘ignore’ them. I believe Emotional Freedom Technique is one of the latest methods to address both the health and emotional issues.

Thank you Shirley, you have literally ‘saved’ me. You are a blessing to mankind and I send my greatest wishes and prayers to you for your gift to heal and serve to shine a light in everyone’s life.

M. (French Mama in Singapore)

I am amazed at what I have been able to achieve with Shirley’s help.

Our paths crossed when I needed help to reflect on the challenge of being a toddler’s mother. Little did I know that I was already pregnant with twins when we had our first appointment.

Thanks to Shirley’s guidance, it only took three sessions for me to feel at ease and even excited at the prospect of becoming the mother of a large family.

Shirley is warm, kind and talented and I highly recommend her services

Kevin Khng, Energy Healing

Shirley is a compassionate and empathetic person focused on the well-being of others. Healing sessions with her have been very helpful in addressing deeper issues in a non-judgmental and loving way. Highly recommended!

Cass, Inner Child Therapy

A very lovely and cosy space filled with love and light. Attended the first module of Inner Child Therapy (facilitated by Pooja who is very mindful and patient) and was exposed to ideas and concepts that are beyond what classroom and society walls – they were truths that I needed to hear and accept to heal and I am glad I took this major step in taking responsibility for my own healing. I may not be fully responsible for what happened to me but the choice to heal myself belongs fully to me.

Learning more about trauma and the wounded inner child has helped me to see what repressed emotions I may have and highlighted aspects of my life and self that were out of alignment. I went on to attend Kundalini Yoga and Sound healing classes led by Shirley and I have not looked back since. They brought about a lot more awareness and understanding and are integral in shedding light on aspects of my self that require more compassion and healing – this also changes the way I relate to the world and to the people around me. As each session can bring up a lot of “debris”, it can be tough (especially if the ego and body are resisting) but Shirley is very loving, patient, honest, supportive and nurturing and through her, I am learning to love myself better and heal the parts of me that are wounded.

Thank you both for creating this space and sanctuary; I am forever glad <3

Bibi Goh, Sound Meditation

The sound meditation that Shirley conducted was a therapeutic and healing experience for me. The sound vibrations resonated within and gave me a sense of calmness and peace. It also helped to release the pain I felt in my lower back. Thank you Shirley for helping me with this healing process and I look forward to attending more sessions with you in the near future!

Eleanor Slade, EFT

Great workshop. Worked really well online. I like that your workshop also address the science behind why these techniques work.

I haven’t practised EFT for several years and had forgotten how useful it is as a tool to deal with stress and negative emotions. I had never combined it with oils, and so this was a really nice addition. I found it all super useful and interesting and enjoyed it all!  The best day I have taken off work in a long tie. Thank you!

Duanchay Panyanouvong, EFT

Great workshop. I like that your workshop also address the science behind why these techniques work. I liked a lot the explanation first from EFT and then from oils and then the combination of both with practice. I also like the part of learning how to use the oils properly in conjunction with getting rid of unwanted emotion. I felt a real benefit out of it. I felt so light on that day!

Anastasia Ling, EFT

While I do use EFT and Essential Oils, I have only used them separately and never together. So I was really thrilled and intrigued when I found out Shirley is offering a workshop to show how to combine the two! It is a great overview for beginners to EFT and also a good refresher for regular users. The accompanying handout provided a lot of good information and references on both EFT and EO, when combined with the theory and practical sessions during the workshop, is comprehensive and truly a great value. You really get to add an immediate tool into your wellness toolkit after the session!

Thushara Fernando, EFT

The workshop was well organised and constructed and all of it was very informative. This workshop empowers you to be more mindful and also reach your potential of achieving inner peace.

Ariana Wyss, EFT

Awesome workshop! We touched on so many interesting aspects around EFT and essential oils and the power when harnessed together!

Angeline Seet, Meditation Series

I am so glad for the online breathing meditation series, guiding me through to improve energy, focus and also calmness, in the comfort of my own home. Thanks for this unique offering!

Mabel Cai, Meditation Series

I attended Shirley’s online class on breath meditation. It was a delightful experience and I really enjoyed the session! At first the exercises seem to be strenuous, but with Shirley’s guidance, I was able to do it with more ease and was really happy to find that I could breathe deeper after the session.

Olivier Naudo, Kundalini Reiki

A wonderful place to experience and learn Kundalini Reki and Yoga!!

Tang Serping, Meditation Programme

Since many years ago, I was unable to take fruits at night such as banana, oranges or any fruits as they caused irritation to my throat.
If I take these fruits, my throat will be full of phlegm and it would take days for me to recover back to normal, nothing would help my condition regardless of whether its western or TCM medication. Another improvement that I noticed is that I get cramps on my calf muscles in the middle of my sleep whenever i tossed or turn in bed. After the meditation you taught me, I no longer suffer from any muscle cramps and it has also helped me recover from insomnia !
Thank you so much for the meditation and the yoga that you taught me! It has helped me greatly!

Mabel, Cai Lei, Meditation Classes

I found about Refine Wellness about 3 months ago and I was really happy that I gave myself the chance to explore the different services provided by Pooja and Shirley, inner child integration therapy, singing bowl meditation, Kundalini yoga, Chakra meditation etc. All of these are amazing experiences for me. Both of them are extremely compassionate and highly skillful healers. My life has changed so much, thank you for making it happen!

Wang Sook Chern, Kundalini Yoga

I used to resist yoga till my company initiated a lunch time yoga session sometime in mid 2015 and I was persuaded to join the class and hence started my Hatha yoga practice. After three months, I was happy to learn that Shirley, who facilitates Chakras Clearing and Healing meditations, launched a weekly Kundalini yoga and I instantly signed up for it. I went with an open mind although there are lots of myths and fear about Kundalini awakening as a result of Kundalini yoga practice. After a month of practice, I experience heightened determination, ability to focus better in my work, coping with emotions and stress and had more clarity in many aspects. Apart from improving my mental wellness, Kundalini yoga also aided in strengthening my immune system, correcting my body posture and eliminating my backache tremendously.

I am drawn to Shirley’s Kundalini yoga class as I find that she is a very committed teacher who plans her lessons very thoroughly. During each session she will introduce a specific set of kriyas (exercises) and breathing techniques and coordinates the session with some beautiful mantras and concludes it perfectly with a meditation for every session. Her comprehensive and precise explanations on the intent for every kriya and mantra provided an assurance to us in knowing what we are learning. After the session, there will be time for those who wish to share their experience during the practice or Shirley will address some issues or questions that are being raised. Shirley even set up a whatsapp chat group to encourage continuous learning among her students. These are totally different from what I experienced in other yoga classes. I will unreservedly recommend Shirley’s Kundalini yoga lessons to all who wants to pursue a more balanced, healthy and happy life.

Sara Montgomery, Kundalini Reiki

I have been so fortunate to have found Shirley’s Kundalini Reiki course back in 2009. In receiving the Kundalini Reiki Atonement my life has really changed in ways that are difficult to explain! I feel so much more empowered and able to handle situations that I may have found too difficult or uncomfortable in the past because I now know they are due to energy and I can now change the energy to positive or for the highest good. I use my Kundalini Reiki almost every day for one reason or another, to help myself or others with issues or even to just have a good day. Former energy blockages have been removed and I now take action whenever I decide to do something I want to do. I have decided to fearlessly return to university and pursue a second degree, I have lost 40 pounds, I am no longer afraid to act! I am so much more balanced and grounded now that I have the Kundalini Reiki Atonement but most important of all, I am happy!

Jessica Sinclair, Chakra Meditation

When the stresses of life’s rat race get to me, I try meditating to keep calm and clear my mind. But it would never work because whenever I close my eyes, all I would get were distractions from issues in my daily life just popping into my head. It felt like I was running at top speed at the same spot and getting nowhere.

Recently I have been feeling like there was a message that I was being told but I just could not hear. Having chanced upon Shirley’s Chakra Clearing and Healing meditation session online, I decided to give it a shot and see if I could clear my mind and hear the message. I really did not know what to expect because I have never even heard of chakra clearing before that.

That very first session, changed my life. Throughout the session my mind was crystal clear, and as she went through each individual chakra, I could feel energy being released. It was very amazing. When the session ended, I felt like I had just woken up from the best sleep of my life! I felt so light and refreshed! But that was not the end…

That very night, I experienced a Kundalini Awakening and that was the beginning of many amazing spiritual experiences.

I personally benefited immensely from Shirley’s Chakra clearing and healing session and I have recommended her sessions to all my friends! Many of whom has given me very positive feedback!

Sherene Faith Seet, Meditation Classes

This all beings with the past life regression workshop purely to have an intention to find a medical condition that i experience that couldn’t be explained. 1 thing lead to another, i met Shirley & was introduced to Kundalini Yoga then Chakra meditation then Past life regression therapy. Shirley is such a wonderful & genuine teacher from Kundalini to chakra meditation to sound healing she never fail to listen, guide & share with her extensive knowledge without judgment. Every session has a different layer of healing, cleansing & growth in terms of spirituality & wisdom. In the past 6 months, i have experienced healing of serials unexplainable medical conditions, months of throbbing pain on my ring finger, 5 torturing menstrual cycles causes by endometriosis & 8 months of intermittent rashes with no medicine could help to ease but sound healing had taken all that away. I will continue my past life regression therapy experience in the next review. As i didn’t realize how much i had writen.

Kannan Gopal, Sound Meditation

Hi. I had been to redefine in January this year. Attended The sound healing meditation with Shirley. Had a wonderful experience and Shirley explained how SHM helps in healing. After 2-3 sessions my neck pain which was there for quite a long period got healed.Now it is almost six months and I haven’t got it back. I would strongly recommend Redefine Wellness and Shirley as I usually don’t give reviews until I am fully convinced.

What is EFT Tapping?

October 18, 2018

If you think, just by maintaining a good diet plan and lifestyle, you can assure a healthy physical and mental state, then you are totally wrong. There is a term called emotional health, which is keenly associated with the overall health of the body. If the body is facing any issue with the emotional health, then it is difficult to ensure appropriate healing and physical health.

To ensure a good emotional health, it is necessary to clear out emotional barriers from the feelings. In such cases, the experts highly recommend for Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT). In simple words, EFT can be termed as psychological acupressure technique, which heals the body. The main objective of EFT is to treat the emotional and physical ailments of the body, with the principle of traditional acupuncture.

It mainly triggers the emotional distress and reduces the emotional impact of memories. The anxiety and stress are the main emotional barriers which affect the emotional health of a body. Once the stress and anxiety issues are removed, the body will automatically start to heal.

How EFT Tapping Therapy works?

It is pretty important to learn this self help tool, as you can easily reduce your stresses without any difficulties. Well, the technique is very easy to learn. All you need to do is, just understand the trigger points on the end of the energy meridians. You need to tap these trigger points while thinking about the issues in your mind.

By thinking about the problems/stress, you need to activate the energy meridian at the trigger point. After that, when you will tap on that trigger point, it will release the negative energies or feelings and hence the body will start to heal. As the Energy freedom technique is greatly associated with the acupuncture therapy, it effectively reduces every kind of emotional trauma or stress from the body.

Benefits associated with Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping –

  • Easy to get rid of anxiety and stress – As discussed above, EFT is a psychological acupressure therapy, so it will affect the mentality deeply. When you will tap on the end points of the energy meridian, you will psychologically feel that, the negative energies are flowing out of the energy meridians. Well, now all the stress and anxiety of your body are removed.
  • Calm and clear thinking is ensured – When the unnecessary emotional barriers are removed from the energy flow line, it is obvious that the body will feel lighter and relaxed. Now you can think clearly and can manage sharp decisions.
  • Increases the productivity and energy – With the EFT tapping, the flow of positive energy is greatly enhanced in the energy meridians. Thus, the body starts to behave in a positive manner. This greatly improves the overall productivity.
  • Controls the Craving issues – When you are craving for something, then you go literally mad. In such cases, EFT tapping effectively helps by controlling the cravings. By tapping on the trigger points, you will get to know about the root cause of craving, and hence you can resolve the issues easily

Meditation Practices Can Ensure You a Healthy Life

October 18, 2018

If your mind and body are not functioning with proper alignment, then there are high chances, you will face typical health and mental issues throughout the period. Around 70% of the population in this world is facing such difficulties in their day to day life. Because of stressful working schedule, the individuals are finding it difficult to ensure inner peace and stability in their life.

In such cases, it is highly recommended to go to yoga meditation classes. Some institutes are offering necessary yoga and meditation training in Singapore. If you want to ensure a balanced and healthy life, then you greatly need a seat in the yoga institutes. There are some benefits of doing yoga and meditation. Below here, some important benefits of practicing yoga are described keenly.

Benefits of practicing yoga and meditation regularly

  • Brings inner peace –

If you are practicing meditation regularly, then it will greatly stable your mind and thinking. Slowly, you will realize the importance of life and will carry forward your life in a positive direction. Happiness, bliss, and contentment will be now a common schedule of your life. Indeed, an environment of peace will be all around your mind.

  • Weight loss –

90% adults are dealing with obesity and weight issues. Well, there seem to be some ways to lose weight. But yoga is considered as the most effective and consistent way of weight loss. By practicing yoga regularly, you can lose a lot of weight.

  • Improve the immune system –

If your immune system is functioning abnormally, then it’s obvious that you will fall ill more often. By doing yoga, the cells start to regenerate and hence the overall immunity of body is improved.

  • Improves flexibility and posture –

The individuals are highly busy in their lives. Thus, the body starts to get stiff and thus the flexibility of the body is reduced. But with yoga activities, it is feasible to enhance the flexibility of the body. Again, the yoga movements also improve the overall posture of the body greatly.

  • Relieves depression –

Depression is the most deadly mental condition, which can lead to typical psychological conditions. If you are highly stressed and not finding any appropriate solutions for your problem, then you should start meditation practices immediately. The meditations will improve the flow of energy within the energy chakras and will improve your decision-making skills. This will give you utmost power and capability to deal with the depression conditions.

The reputed institutes have arranged the best trainers for yoga & meditation. The trainers will guide you efficiently throughout the activities and will help you in achieving the best benefits. If you are having any past life regression issues, then those issues will be cleared by deep meditation activities. In short, you can now relax your body & mind and can live a self-satisfied life. It is recommended to contact and book a seat in the best yoga institutes in Singapore today.

Guided Meditation To Connect With Your Higher Self

October 18, 2018

People live in the rapid boulevard of an ever-changing world, running in the place while trying to match up with the ever-changing technology. There are no certainties in life as it is full of challenges that juggle in terms of finances, career, family, relationships and much more, which is exhausting as it feels like people are running empty. Keeping up with this boisterous pace leads to high stress, anxieties and kills the joy of life.

With the increase in anxieties and stress in the frenzied lifestyle, people become disconnected, wired and, sometimes they become numb and are unable to handle the situations that come up in their way. Therefore, they need to be guided to come out of treacherous situations and to realize what they are actually doing. To shift from the exasperated lifestyle towards the peaceful way, one should opt for guided meditation, which has always proved to be the best option for connecting one with their higher self.

How does guided meditation really work?

Meditation is the practice of aligning your body, mind, and spirit by going deep into the process and by accessing the power of your belief to create what you truly desire. Guided meditations, mind-body techniques, and deep relaxations are not only passing pads or trends, rather these are the researched methods that have proven its best in various fields to enhance happiness and joy in one’s life.

In case of the guided meditation, you don’t need to know how to meditate actually, all that you require is to listen what you want and you will move effortlessly into the process of your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind always has the control over the cells, regulates the functions of the organs that includes endocrine glands, respiratory tracks, nervous systems, urinary systems, cardiovascular, skeletal and much more. The method is truly impressive and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Reasons to do Guided meditation

People often ask for the reason that why they need to do meditation. The first thing that pops into the mind is that meditation just makes you feel great. But, there are plenty of other reasons which will change your thinking and will let you explore so many sights of it to find out a little more about the benefits, which will help in connecting to the higher self.

Stress reduction

Guided meditation helps in releasing stress and to understand the consequences of life. Often, this meditation technique gives you some “down time” to relax your mind physically and mentally. It is necessary because it has a direct connection with the entire nervous system and reduces the stresses that are linked with the chemicals like cortisol, which is a common mood-changing chemical like the serotonin.

Enhance the health condition

Guided meditation has so many positive impacts on the health like it helps in strengthening the immune system and also reduces the blood pressure, and lowers the level of cholesterol. This meditation technique is highly beneficial for those who are diagnosed with a chronic or potentially threats diseases such as cancer. Practicing this method will change your mood and will surely enhance the healing and recovery process of the body.

Benefits of Yoga for Stress Management

October 18, 2018

In the era of highly competitive and dynamic world, everyone is exposed to all kinds of stress that are having immense negative impacts in all realms of life. Many times, you will feel that something is overpowering you and certainly you are not getting proper ways to come out of it. Everyone is curious about their future as they are expecting a lot in terms of innovations, competition, and changes, which are directly linked to the stress, tensions, and anxieties. And perhaps, these situations will lead to certain stages where your senses are not in your control, and that leads to increasing your blood pressure and other issues in the body.

Somewhere along the line, you might have decided that you are simply not yoga type. Isn’t it? Well, you must have heard the raves about the yoga for the stress management, but you can barely touch your toes. So, there are no ways you would like to like to twist your legs and stand on your head like a human pretzel. And mediate? But, if you will learn the benefits of yoga and will get the best from it, then you might want to hit the mat and give a try to yoga.

Understand The Benefits Of Yoga

Dating back over 500 years, yoga is regarded by many to be an oldest defined process of self-development. The procedures of the traditional yoga include the physical postures, breathing control, meditation, ethical disciplines and much more. Many studies have found out that a little yoga in the morning and evening, or even during the lunch break, can minimize stress and will increase productivity. It is so believed that yoga is highly efficient for stress relief, aside from the physical advantages that yoga creates, it also generates a good mood, an enhance mindfulness as well as healthy dose of self-compassion.

Also Read: Stress Meditation

Need more convincing? Well, yoga mainly emphasis on the breathing styles that help to connect you with your soul and yields strong emotional benefits. People who are doing yoga regularly are getting sound sleep and feel less stressed. Even you can have a peaceful life if you adopt the practice of yoga twice in a day, and you no need to start from the difficult ones; rather, you can begin with the easy poses and techniques.

Virtually everyone can gain the advantages of yoga, and its practice sessions can give you psychological benefits such as stress reduction and a sense of well-being. Apart from this, the classes of yoga will also help in enhancing your knowledge in terms of spirituality such as a feeling that will connect you with God or spirit, or kind of transcendence feeling.

There are various mechanisms of yoga which are having a great impact on the stress level, meaning there are different ways that yoga can decrease your stress levels. The best part of yoga is that it will decrease heart rate, diastolic and systolic blood pressure. According to the studies, yoga will minimize all the negative impacts from life and will increase your immune system by increasing the levels of immunoglobulin. If you want to realize the same, then don’t wait for the next chance. Hire the best teacher and start your practice right now.

Discover a World of Healing Crystals with Meditation Workshop

August 7, 2018

Meditation is termed as an effective methodology to remove out the unwanted thoughts and negative energies from the body. It greatly clears and relaxes the mind, body, and the soul. When the meditation is maintained with the help of crystals or healing stones, then the results are more productive and effective.

Yoga & Breath- Importance of Breathing in Yoga

August 7, 2018

Yoga is one of the best ways to achieve a general sense of well-being. It is not just linked to healthier body functions but is also a means to an improved disposition in life. Now more and more people are getting convinced that yoga is a great solution to a healthy life they have been longing for. Besides, the modern lifestyle can take a toll on people and so if you have decided to make yoga a part of your life then you have done just the right thing.

Energy Healing Technique for Better Health

August 7, 2018

Running to consult a doctor at any sign of pain or discomfort is not always convenient and sometimes impossible. While most of the people continue to seek the help of the doctor due to lack of an alternative, other people are blessed with the knowledge of the fact that an effective medical solution can be found at home. Moreover, some illnesses can no longer be cured by modern medicine.Therefore, in these kinds of situations, doctors recommend therapies to manage the illness. Energy Healing is a practice that is an answer to almost all the health issues. Energy healing comprises of therapies that aim at the holistic healing of an individual. The therapies aim at the attainment of balance in the mind, body and soul which can be done by manipulating the “energy” present in all of us.

It is surprising to see how these treatments can be offered without even touching the person who needs to be cured. This makes it even possible to treat patients who are located in far-off locations with the help of absentia treatments. There are many energy healing techniques among them being Reiki, Qigong, acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, homeopathy, colour and sound therapy.

These techniques have variations in disciplines within themselves and may differ in how they are practised. The procedure of any healing technique is quite simple; the healer acts as a medium so that energy can flow from one body to another. Following are some of the benefits of these healing techniques:

  • Releases suppressed feelings.
  • Enhances life’s purpose and creativity.
  • Increases your connection to the angels and discover soul’s mission in life.
  • Improves relationships in all areas of the life.
  • Provides powerful support to the children undergone physical and sexual abuse.
  • Motivates and drives a person to do well in professional and personal life.
  • Raises the vibration frequency of the body.
  • Helps in acute and chronic problems.
  • Aids in the breaking of addiction and reduction of toxins.
  • Aids better sleep and reduces blood pressure.

These therapies work exceptionally well when they are combined with medical and surgical procedures. This ensures faster recovery. Moreover, energy healing will help to accelerate your recovery because it improves your immune system. People who regularly meditate and do 15 to 20 minutes of self-healing session every day live a healthier life, look younger and are happier than the ones who do not.

However, if therapy worked for someone, then there is no guarantee that it will work for another person too. This is because each person is unique and different from everyone else. Moreover, it is advised that you begin with the simple techniques first that you can do on your own before moving on to the more complex and specialized energy healing techniques in case the simple ones do not work well for you. Hence, start practising energy healing techniques now to restore your energy within and charge yourself to attain the desired balance in your life.

Emotional Healing Techniques That Will Change the Way You Think About Weight Loss

August 7, 2018

Have you tried all weight loss programs but still without positive results? You are not alone. There are thousands of people across the globe that experience failure in diet, exercise and medications in losing weight loss. However, there are alternative therapies or healing techniques that can aid weight loss such as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.Also Read: Energy Healing Technique for Better Health

EFT is one type of energy healing practice which aims to restore the natural flow of the mind and body’s energy. EFT proponents suggest that the problems involved in weight loss also include the emotional aspect of a person’s life. Moreover, the emotional and psychological issues of a person’s life result in negative health conditions. Therefore, weight loss can effectively be helped through EFT which works by tapping acupuncture points.

This fixes the energy flow in the body and turn can also heal different kinds of illnesses. EFT has been in existence for quite some time now. In this healing technique, practitioners of EFT tap on a person’s pressure points by using their fingers as the person being healed concentrates on his emotional dilemma. But before indulging in EFT, let’s first know how those extra pounds are gained:

  • Overeating usually causes obesity and too much weight. Even the psychologists believe that overeating is a result of emotional stresses. Anger, anxiety, stress or depression can trigger high appetite.
  • Overeating can sometimes also be a mental disorder. For emotion-induced or uncontrolled eating, it is best to consult a psychologist or perform a self-check.

Emotional Freedom Technique for weight loss works by releasing the mind and body of all the negativity that are present in the system within. It is an effective method that can eventually help in creating harmony and balance in life.

The points on our body that are being tapped by EFT:

  • The head- Tapping point is on the top of the head.
  • The eyebrow- Tapping point is the side closest to the nose.
  • The side of the eye- Bony part of the eye socket found on the side.
  • Under the eye- Tapping point is right under the eye.
  • Under the nose- Tapping point is right between the nose and upper lip.
  • Chin- Tapping the fold right between the chin and lower lip.
  • Collarbone- This is the part where your collarbones meet the upper ribs, right below the neck.
  • Tender spot- Right between the area of the breast and collarbone.
  • Under the arms- Around three inches right below the armpit.
  • Fingers- These are also considered to be tapping points.

We all know that being obese or overweight has its negative effects not only on the body but to one’s self-esteem. As such, there is no harm in trying EFT to condition the mind towards achieving a healthy body. EFT can regularly be performed for best results. However, EFT alone will not make you lose weight. It prepares the mind and body to cooperate with other weight loss programs. Hence, continue with the proper diet and rigorous exercise.

Stress Meditation: Relaxation Techniques

August 7, 2018

The major reason why people have now started meditating is to reduce stress. Stress affects all of us in some way or the other, be it the case of our professional or personal lives. Stress is a permanent and indisputable element of our modern life, and so nowadays most people are trying to avoid or reduce it. Therefore, stress meditation is one of the ways to relax and calm the mind and reduce stress.

The following are the benefits of stress meditation

  • Stress meditation is natural and safe.
  • It helps to provide other positive health benefits that include: slowing down of the heartbeat, lowering the blood pressure and reducing the risk of future heart disease.
  • Practicing stress meditation on a daily basis helps to increase the levels of serotonin produced in the brain which in turn benefits the people who suffer from headaches, migraines and stress-related disorders.

Similar: Kundalini Meditation

The first step in combating stress is to acknowledge it and allow time to make a few simple changes and make room for a few relaxation techniques. It does not matter if you are just looking for temporary relief and trying to ease your mind from any worry, but you will realize that applying stress meditation and related relaxation techniques can have a significant impact on your ability to manage stress and alleviate your mind of the daily worries that you have.

The following are a few relaxation techniques to help you relieve stress and find peace of mind:

  • Controlled breathing:

Breathing is known and used as an effective means of reducing stress and anxiety. For some reason, a well-oxygenated blood supply has a natural calming effect on the mind and body as well. Slow can have a positive impact on your body and help calm your mind almost instantaneously.

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  • Progressive muscle relaxation:

This is a process where you consciously go through each group of muscles and relax them to relive the body from any tension or worry. This is a great technique for those people who have demanding office jobs and don’t find time to relieve stress through normal regular exercise. When you feel stressed, take some time to practice progressive muscle relaxation. This technique can be practiced anywhere, even if you are in office. Just by moving your feet in a circular motion constitutes progressive muscle relaxation.

  • Feng Shui:

Feng Shui is an ancient tradition that centres on filling your home and life with peace and tranquillity through nature. It is difficult to explain the exact meaning of Feng Shui, but it mainly focuses on bringing the outdoors, indoors. The idea is to fill the house with things like plants, colours that represent peace and tranquillity and other aspects of nature such as the sound of running water.

There are many ways to alleviate stress naturally. Learn to become more aware of your stress and slowly incorporate a few natural healing mechanisms for stress and soon you will be feeling a whole lot better and calmer. Apply these stress relaxation techniques and learn how you can start living a stress-free life.

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